6 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

The 6 best call blocker apps for android are: truecaller, mr. Number, calls blacklist, whoscall, should i answer?, and call blocker.

These apps allow the user to block unwanted calls, texts, and even block unknown numbers using their extensive databases. They also provide additional features such as caller identification, call recording, and custom block lists. With these apps, users can easily filter out spam, telemarketing calls, and even calls from specific people they do not wish to speak to.

Overall, these call blocker apps provide a convenient and effective solution for managing unwanted calls and texts on android smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions Of 6 Best Call Blocker Apps For Android

What Is A Call Blocker App?

A call blocker app is a tool that helps to identify and block unwanted calls and sms messages. It can be helpful for people who want to avoid spam calls or harassment calls.

How Does A Call Blocker App Work?

A call blocker app uses a database of known spam numbers and a user’s personal blacklist to block unwanted calls. It also provides the option to allow certain numbers while blocking others.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Call Blocker Apps On Android?

Call blocker apps on android can prevent unwanted calls, reduce spam, and protect users from fraud. These apps can also improve productivity by filtering out irrelevant calls.

Are Call Blocker Apps Free Or Paid?

There are both free and paid call blocker apps available on google play store. Free apps have basic features, while paid apps offer advanced features such as ad-blocking and call recording.

Do Call Blocker Apps Work On All Android Devices?

Most call blocker apps work on all device types that run on android os. However, some apps may not be compatible with older android versions or specific phone models.

Can Call Blocker Apps Block Calls From Unknown Numbers?

Yes, call blocker apps can block calls from unknown numbers. You can also create a whitelist of trusted numbers that can get through even if they are not in your contacts list.


After going through the list of 6 best call blocker apps for android, we can conclude that these apps can be game-changers in managing unwanted calls. With their advanced features, these apps can block spam calls, telemarketers, and even unknown numbers.

The apps like truecaller, mr. Number, and calls blacklist offer robust features that can help you manage your calls effectively. The best part about these apps is that they are easily accessible and free to download for android devices. You can also adjust call-blocking settings as per your preference and select the specific numbers to be blocked.

Overall, these apps are user-friendly and efficient, making them a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their calling experience. Install one of these apps today and say goodbye to unwanted and annoying calls.


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