Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices on Wifi

No, Proctorio cannot detect other devices on a wifi network. Proctorio is an online proctoring software that monitors exam-takers during their exams to ensure that they are not cheating. It does this by using facial recognition technology and monitoring audio and video recordings of the test taker.

However, it does not have the capability to detect other devices connected to the same wifi network as the test-taker’s device. As such, Proctorio is unable to detect if someone else in the vicinity has another device logged into their own wifi connection or whether someone else may be attempting to access information on the same network.

Proctorio is an online proctoring system that allows students to take assessments remotely while ensuring academic integrity. One of the features included in Proctorio is the ability to detect other devices on a student’s wifi network.

This feature helps ensure that during exams, there are no other people or devices connected to the same wifi network as the student taking their exam, which reduces opportunities for cheating and ensures a fair assessment for all test-takers.


Can Proctoru Detect Other Devices on Wifi?

ProctorU is able to detect other devices on the same WiFi network, however it will not necessarily identify what type of device or who owns those devices. ProctorU uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect any anomalies that could potentially interfere with the security of an exam.

This includes identifying multiple logins from one IP address, suspicious network traffic such as port scanning and active downloads, and unauthorized access points in use on the same wifi network.

Additionally, ProctorU also monitors for any changes in system resources during an exam which could indicate someone else using their own device on the same wifi connection.

Can Proctorio Detect Usb Devices?

Yes, Proctorio can detect USB devices. The platform uses artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision to monitor a student’s testing environment for signs of cheating, such as the presence of unauthorized USB devices. In addition, the software is capable of actively searching a test taker’s system to identify any suspicious activities that may be occurring while they are taking their exam.

This includes checking for external hardware connections like USB drives or other connected peripherals. By doing so, Proctorio helps ensure that all students are on an even playing field during exams and reduces opportunities for academic dishonesty.

How Proctored Exams Detect Phones?

Proctored exams typically use a combination of technologies to detect the presence of phones. This may include motion sensors, audio detectors, and cameras with facial recognition software that can identify when someone is looking at their phone during an exam. Additionally, some proctoring services utilize specialized software designed to detect any signs of cheating by monitoring activities such as screen switching or accessing certain webpages.

When a suspicious activity is detected, the proctoring service will alert both the student and instructor immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Does Proctorio Detect Phones

No, Proctorio does not detect phones. Proctorio is an automated remote proctoring software that monitors student behavior and activity during timed exams. It uses the computer’s webcam to monitor movements and audio to detect any suspicious background noise which could indicate cheating.

However, it has no way of detecting or monitoring a student’s phone usage while taking an exam as the device would be outside of its view.


This blog post has provided readers with an in-depth look at the capabilities of Proctorio and its impact on detecting other devices on wifi. It is clear that Proctorio can detect any device connected to a shared wifi network, which means it can be used to monitor test-takers’ activities during online assessments.

Additionally, this technology offers users peace of mind knowing their tests are safe from outside interference or cheating.

Ultimately, Proctorio is a powerful tool for ensuring security during online exams and should be considered when conducting remote testing.