Can You Use Procreate Without Wifi

No, you cannot use Procreate without wifi. This is because Procreate requires an internet connection in order to access its features and functions. Without a stable connection, users would not be able to save their work or sync with other devices such as the Apple Pencil or iPad.

Furthermore, many of Procreate’s features require cloud storage which means that even if the user has saved some of their work offline, they will still need a wifi connection in order to back it up on the cloud and make sure it is secure.

  • Download Procreate App: First, download the Procreate app from your device’s app store (App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android)
  • Set Up Your Account: After downloading the app, open it and create an account by entering your email address and password
  • If you already have a Procreate account, simply log in as usual
  • Selecting Canvas Size and Color Theme: Once logged in, choose the size of canvas you wish to work on
  • You can also select a color theme if desired
  • Adding Brushes & Layers: Next add brushes (or use preloaded ones) to draw with and layers to make complex artwork on one page easier to manage when using multiple colors or textures in your design project
  • 5 Drawing & Editing Artwork : Now start adding elements like shapes, lines etc
  • , onto your canvas using various tools available within the app such as lasso tool , eraser, smudge tool etc
  • , Drag/Drop images into canvas from album & Edit them as required via cropping/rotating/resizing options provided inside procreate
  • 6 Sharing Artwork : Lastly save your artwork directly into Camera Roll / share with friends via Air Drop or send it directly through email , SMS or any other social media platforms available at disposal

5 things you should know before buying Procreate for iPad

Do You Have to Pay for Procreate Monthly?

No, Procreate does not require a monthly payment. The app is available for purchase on the App Store or iTunes for $9.99 and includes all features and updates. After purchasing Procreate, there is no need to pay any additional fees or subscriptions – you can just keep using the app without incurring extra costs!

What Does Procreate Need to Run?

Procreate is a powerful digital painting and drawing app for iPad that requires minimal technical setup. To run Procreate, you will need an iPad with at least iOS 11 installed, and at least 1GB of RAM (around 1GB per running application) as well as 4-8 GB space on the device depending on what content you plan to store.

Additionally, Apple Pencil or other pressure sensitive stylus support is highly recommended in order to take full advantage of all the features offered by Procreate.

What are the Cons of Procreate?

One of the main cons of Procreate is its steep learning curve. While it’s simple to get started, mastering all of the features and tools can be quite challenging for new users. Additionally, there can be some compatibility issues with certain devices and programs that are not compatible with Procreate, which may limit its usefulness in certain situations.

Furthermore, although Procreate offers a wide selection of brushes and effects, they are limited compared to other digital art programs.

Finally, while Procreate does offer tutorials to help users learn how to use their software effectively, these tutorials do not go into as much detail as some more comprehensive classes or courses on digital art would.

Can You Use Procreate Without Apple Pencil?

Yes, you can use Procreate without an Apple Pencil. The app provides a variety of built-in tools to create digital art, and many users prefer to take advantage of these features instead of using the Apple Pencil. For example, you can use your finger or a third party stylus on compatible iPads to draw with Procreate’s brushes and pencils.

Additionally, you can choose from various brush types and settings to customize your artwork as desired without needing an Apple Pencil.

Does Procreate Need a Subscription

No, Procreate does not require a subscription. Procreate is available for purchase as a one-time fee from the App Store and comes with all of its features without any additional fees or commitments. That said, there are some optional in-app purchases you can make if you want to access certain brushes or other tools that may help enhance your artwork.


In conclusion, Procreate can be a great tool to use when out and about without an internet connection. It allows you to create artwork wherever you are, as long as you have your iPad with the app installed. With its many features and capabilities, this app is sure to provide hours of creative fun even without wifi!

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