Does Aer Lingus Have Wifi

Yes, Aer Lingus does have wifi on select flights. Wi-Fi is available on most of the airline’s Boeing 757 and Airbus A321neo aircraft flying within Europe, as well as some routes to North America. There are three packages offered: standard (€5.99), premium (€8.99) and flexi (€15).

Standard offers basic browsing and messaging services while Premium provides unlimited access for streaming or downloads plus faster speeds than the Standard package. Flexi includes all the benefits of Premium plus a larger data allowance that can be used across multiple devices with one account login.

Onboard wifi is only available when in flight mode; it will not work when your device connects to ground networks during takeoff and landing phases or at any other times during the flight unless you purchase an upgrade package with more data usage allowances from Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus is one of the most popular airlines in Europe, and it’s no surprise that they offer wifi onboard their flights.

Passengers can stay connected to the internet for free during flights over two hours in duration, allowing them to stay productive or entertained during their journeys. For travelers who need to be online while on a long flight, Aer Lingus offers an ideal solution.

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How to Get Free Wi-Fi on Aer Lingus?

If you are an Aer Lingus customer, you can get free Wi-Fi on flights by signing up for their FlyNet service. All you need to do is register your device with the onboard network and follow the instructions displayed on the screen in order to connect. Once connected, simply open your browser and log into your account.

You will then be able to access complimentary high-speed internet throughout the duration of your flight. Additionally, those travelling in Business Class or Club Europe cabins can enjoy unlimited usage for free as part of their ticket package.

How Good is Aer Lingus Wi-Fi?

Aer Lingus Wi-Fi is widely regarded as one of the best in-flight wi-fi services available. The service offers speeds up to 20Mbps and coverage over much of Europe, including flights from Dublin to London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Passengers can access their favourite streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube without buffering or lag times.

Additionally, users can connect multiple devices at once with no hassle or dropped connections. Overall, Aer Lingus’ Wi-Fi provides a reliable connection that will get you through your flight in comfort.

Can I Use My Phone on Aer Lingus?

Yes, you can use your phone on Aer Lingus flights. While the airline does not provide any in-flight Wi-Fi services, passengers are allowed to use their mobile phones and electronic devices during flight for non-voice functions such as text messaging, internet browsing and playing games.

However, these activities must be done with the device in airplane mode or with Wi-Fi switched off in order to avoid interference with aircraft navigation systems.

Passengers may also make calls after landing when it is safe and permitted by local laws.

Which Airline Has Free Wi-Fi?

While most airlines charge a fee for in-flight Wi-Fi, there are some that offer it for free. JetBlue has been offering its Fly-Fi service since 2013, and provides passengers with complimentary high speed internet access on all flights.

United Airlines offers free Wi-Fi to elite members of their MileagePlus loyalty program, as well as those who purchase inflight food or beverages.

Qantas also offers complimentary Wi-Fi for economy class passengers flying domestically within Australia. Singapore Airlines recently rolled out a new initiative called ‘KrisFlyer’ which allows customers to connect to the internet without incurring any additional charges on select flights between Singapore and London Heathrow Airport.

Does Aer Lingus Have Outlets

Yes, Aer Lingus does have outlets. They offer a range of services both at their physical locations and online via their website. Their physical locations include ticket offices, customer service desks and baggage outlets located in airports around the world.

Through these locations you can book flights, check-in for your flight and make any necessary changes to your booking. Additionally, through their online platform customers can book flights, manage existing bookings as well as take advantage of exclusive offers from Aer Lingus.


In conclusion, Aer Lingus does provide wifi access on their flights. However, the options and availability of wifi vary depending on the route and aircraft type. Passengers should check with Aer Lingus prior to booking their flight if they wish to take advantage of this service.

Additionally, passengers may be able to purchase a wifi package for an extended period of time during their flight as well as additional data usage if needed.

In any case, having internet access while flying can make long trips more enjoyable and productive by allowing passengers to stay connected with friends and family or entertain themselves through streaming services.