Does Ethiopian Airlines Have Wifi

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines does have wifi. Passengers can access internet services on their own devices such as laptops and smartphones by connecting to the in-flight Wi-Fi network. To benefit from the service, passengers need to purchase a data package before boarding their flight.

The airline offers three different plans: Economy Lite for light users, Economy Plus for average users, and First Class Premium for heavy users who need more speed and data volume. All packages are valid throughout each individual flight and include unlimited messaging services with no time restrictions. Other features of the in-flight Wi-Fi system include streaming video content, voice calls over VoIP applications like Skype or Facetime, and live TV shows streamed directly to customers’ devices via satellite connection.

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines offers wifi on select aircraft. The airline provides both onboard and inflight wifi services to its passengers, allowing them to stay connected while in the air. Passengers can access the internet with their laptop or mobile device for a nominal fee per flight segment.

In addition to providing connectivity during your journey, the service also enables you to make calls and send text messages from your seat!

Flying Ethiopian Airlines A350 New Business Class Across Africa

Does Ethiopian Airlines Have Wifi on a Plane?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines does offer WiFi on their planes. Passengers have the option of connecting to high speed internet using a laptop or mobile device when traveling in Business Class and Economy Comfort class. The service is available for free for all passengers in these two classes, and passengers can access the internet through an onboard portal which features news, music, movies and more.

Additionally, Ethiopian Airlines offers its own app which allows users to stream content from their device directly onto their seatback screens while they are flying.

Is There Free Wifi at Addis Ababa?

Yes, there is free WiFi available at Addis Ababa. The city has many Internet cafes and other public places that offer free Wi-Fi access to visitors. Additionally, the government of Ethiopia has set up a number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the city that are accessible to all citizens and visitors alike.

These hotspots can be found in various locations throughout Addis Ababa such as parks, hospitals, universities, hotels, restaurants and more. Furthermore, most local cell phone service providers also have their own networks with free data plans for their customers which can be used to access the internet from anywhere within Ethiopian borders.

What is Not Allowed on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines does not allow passengers to carry certain items on board, including weapons and dangerous goods such as explosives, flammable liquids or solids, toxic substances, compressed gases and radioactive materials. Additionally, in order to ensure the safety of all passengers on board, Ethiopian Airlines prohibits carrying any hazardous material (such as fireworks) that could cause a danger onboard their flights. To make sure your flight is comfortable and safe for everyone traveling with Ethiopian Airlines please take note of these restrictions when packing for your trip.

How Can I Get Wifi in Ethiopia?

If you are looking to get WiFi in Ethiopia, the best option is to purchase a local SIM card with an internet plan. You can usually get 3G or 4G coverage from telecom companies such as Ethio Telecom and Zemen Telecom. If you buy a prepaid data package, you will be able to access the internet wherever there is cell phone signal.

However, it should be noted that while many cities have decent coverage and speeds, rural areas may not have reliable service so make sure your provider has good coverage where you need it before signing up for their services. Additionally, some hotels and cafes offer free WiFi but these connections are often slow or unreliable so they should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Ethiopian Airlines Wifi Review

Ethiopian Airlines recently announced that they would be offering inflight wifi on their flights, making them the first African airline to offer this kind of service. Passengers have generally been very pleased with the experience, stating that it is fast and reliable compared to other airlines’ wifi offerings. Many travelers also praised Ethiopian’s customer service team for helping them get connected and providing assistance when needed.

All in all, Ethiopian Airlines’ wifi offering has earned positive reviews from passengers who have used it so far!


Overall, Ethiopian Airlines do have wifi available on their flights. Passengers can purchase the Wifi service using credit cards, and they can enjoy a range of services including emails and social media while in-flight. Many passengers find this to be a convenient feature as it helps them stay connected during long journeys.

With its reliable connection and various features, Ethiopian Airlines’ wifi is definitely an attractive option for those looking to stay connected while travelling by air.