Does Icelandair Have Wifi

Yes, Icelandair does offer Wi-Fi service on all of its flights. Passengers can purchase Wi-Fi plans for either a single flight or multiple flights depending on their needs. The airline’s in-flight Wi-Fi is provided by Gogo and the cost varies from $4.95 – $19.95 USD per flight depending on the length of the journey and device used to access it.

Additionally, passengers can stay connected with Icelandair’s complimentary messaging service which allows them to send texts from any mobile device without being charged roaming fees or purchasing an internet package.

Yes, Icelandair does offer wifi on select flights. Passengers can enjoy fast, reliable internet connections while in the air and stay connected to the world during their flight. With a variety of packages available, travelers have plenty of options when it comes to staying online while flying with Icelandair.

Whether you’re looking for basic browsing capabilities or high-speed streaming services, there’s an option that fits your needs and budget.

How does the Icelandair Route Network Work?

Does Icelandair Provide Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Icelandair does offer free Wi-Fi onboard select international flights. The service is available on all Boeing 767 aircrafts and most of their 737 MAX 8 planes. Passengers who would like to access the complimentary internet should connect to the “Icelandair” network once they reach 10,000 feet in altitude, which usually takes around 20 minutes after takeoff.

The connection speed varies depending on the route and flight conditions but should be sufficient for basic web browsing or sending emails during your journey. To enjoy a more reliable connection with faster speeds, passengers can upgrade their internet services by selecting one of Icelandair’s paid plans at an additional cost.

Do Icelandair Flights Have Outlets?

Yes, Icelandair flights have outlets. Most of their planes feature 110V power outlets located underneath the seats and in the armrests for travelers to use throughout the flight. Additionally, some aircraft offer USB ports for charging mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Passengers are advised to bring an adapter if they plan on using either type of outlet during their flight as standard US plugs will not fit into these sockets. To ensure that all passengers can take advantage of this benefit, Icelandair has a limited number of adapters available upon request at check-in or boarding time.

Which Airline Has Free Wi-Fi?

Many airlines now offer free Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected while they travel. Southwest Airlines offers two hours of Wi-Fi access for free on all their flights, as well as unlimited messaging through services like iMessage and WhatsApp. JetBlue Airways also has complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi available on most of its flights, with select international routes offering even faster speeds.

Delta Air Lines provides customers with up to one hour of in-flight messaging and unlimited streaming from a selection of popular content providers. Alaska Airlines similarly allows passengers to stream music, watch movies, and check emails without charge during their flight. Lastly, United Airlines offers complimentary basic internet access on many domestic flights within the U.S., including Puerto Rico and Hawaii destinations.

Does Icelandair Have Free Meals?

No, unfortunately Icelandair does not offer free meals on their flights. However, the airline provides a variety of snacks and beverages for purchase onboard. Passengers can choose from a selection of hot and cold food items including sandwiches, salads, pastries, wraps and more depending on the flight duration.

Additionally, economy class passengers may also pre-order special meals such as vegetarian or gluten free options at least 24 hours before departure. All purchases made onboard will be billed to your credit card after the flight is completed.

Does Icelandair Have Tvs

Yes, Icelandair does have TVs on board their flights. The TVs are available on select Boeing 767-300 aircraft and offer passengers a range of in-flight entertainment options such as movies, TV shows, music and games. Passengers can also take advantage of the airline’s Wi-Fi service to access their own streaming services during the flight.


Overall, Icelandair offers wifi services on select flights for their customers. It can be a great way to stay connected with family and friends at home if you’re traveling abroad. However, it is important to note that the availability of wifi depends on your flight route and whether or not the plane has it installed.

Prices also vary depending on what package you choose, so be sure to check before booking your ticket. In conclusion, while wifi may not be available on every flight provided by Icelandair, they do offer it as an optional service for those who want to keep in touch during their travels.

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