Does Nanit Work Without Wifi

Nanit is a baby monitoring system that uses live-streaming video and audio to allow parents to monitor their babies from anywhere. It does not require Wi-Fi in order to work, as it has both Bluetooth and cellular connections available. The Bluetooth connection allows the Nanit camera to connect with other compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, the cellular connection allows for remote access of the camera through an app on your smartphone or tablet without needing a Wi-Fi network. This means you can check on your baby even when you are away from home, so long as you have either Bluetooth or cellular service available.

Nanit is a baby monitor designed to help new parents keep an eye on their little one while they are sleeping. The device has many features, including motion and sound detection, temperature monitoring, and two-way audio. But does Nanit work without wifi?

Yes! While the device requires wifi for initial setup and some of its remote access features, it will still work as a basic video monitor even if you don’t have internet access.

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Can I Use the Nanit Without Wifi?

No, you cannot use the Nanit without WiFi. The Nanit is a smart baby monitor that uses audio and video to track your baby’s sleep patterns, activity levels, and breathing motion. It relies on an internet connection through your home’s Wi-Fi network in order to stream data from the camera unit to your smartphone or tablet app.

Without this connection, the device will not be able to stream any data or work properly.

What If Wifi Goes Out With Nanit?

If the WiFi connection goes out with Nanit, you can still access your baby monitor and recordings from any computer or mobile device. You can also continue to receive motion and sound alerts via an SMS text message directly to your phone.

While recording will be paused until the WiFi connection is restored, you’ll still be able to view live video of your baby on the Nanit app thanks to its secure cloud-based storage solution that securely stores up to 7 days of data even when offline.

Can You Use Nanit on Cellular Data?

Yes, you can use Nanit on cellular data. The Nanit app is designed to work with most mobile networks, including both 3G and 4G LTE signals. Once the camera is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, it will be able to stream video over a cellular connection as well.

This allows parents to keep an eye on their child from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Additionally, features like motion-activated alerts are available even when using a cellular connection so you won’t miss any important moments while away from home.

Can You Use a Wifi Baby Monitor Without Wifi?

No, you cannot use a WiFi baby monitor without WiFi. These special types of monitors rely on an internet connection to transmit data and audio/video signals from the camera to your device. Without an active WiFi connection, the baby monitor will not be able to send any information or video feed to your device in order for you to keep track of your baby’s activities from afar.

If you need a monitoring system that does not require an internet connection, then it is best to opt for traditional analog or digital monitors instead.

How to Use Nanit Without Wifi Password

If you have the Nanit baby monitor but don’t know your wifi password, it’s still possible to set up and use the device. To do so, simply download the Nanit app to your smartphone or tablet and connect directly to the camera using either Bluetooth or an audio jack cable. Once connected, you can view real-time footage on your device without needing a wifi password.


Overall, Nanit does work without wifi. It is a stand-alone device that uses its own internal processor to track and monitor your baby’s sleep. While it doesn’t connect to the internet or have any extra features, it still functions perfectly for what it was designed for — tracking your baby’s sleep cycles and giving you peace of mind.

Though there may be some initial setup involved, once Nanit is set up correctly, parents can relax knowing their little one is being monitored even if they don’t have access to wifi.


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