The ES-Sub Wireless Kit is a complete wireless system designed to easily and quickly provide subwoofer sound. It includes two components, the transmitter and receiver, which can be set up with any audio source such as an amplifier or home theater system.

The transmitter connects to the audio source and sends out low frequency signals to the receiver in order to create deep bass tones that are not available from regular speakers.

The receiver then connects directly to a subwoofer for optimal performance. This kit allows you to enjoy high quality bass without having additional wires running through your home. Setup is easy since no programming or special tools are required, making it great for use in both residential and commercial applications.

The Es-Sub Wireless Kit is a great way to take your sound system to the next level. This kit comes with two wireless subwoofers, an amplifier and all the cables you need for installation. With its easy setup and high-quality sound output, it’s perfect for any home theater or audio setup.

The wireless subwoofer provides deep bass without clutter from wires and allows you to place them anywhere in your room. Plus, the amplifier gives you plenty of power for loud music or movies – perfect for those who want that extra punch in their audio experience!

SVS Wireless Home Theater /Wireless Subwoofer Adapter

Is There a Way to Make Subwoofer Wireless?

Yes, it is possible to make a subwoofer wireless. A few options available are using an amplifier with built-in wireless technology or adding a separate wireless adapter to the subwoofer. With both of these solutions, you’ll be able to connect your subwoofer wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for improved sound quality and convenience.

Additionally, many newer home theater systems come with wireless subwoofers that can be connected directly from the source device without the need for additional wiring.

Are Wireless Subwoofers Worth It?

Wireless subwoofers are definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking for a more immersive experience when listening to music or watching movies. With a wireless subwoofer, you can place the speaker in any location in your room and wirelessly connect it to your audio receiver or amplifier.

This eliminates the need for long runs of cables, allowing for a much cleaner look and better sound quality.

Additionally, since they don’t require permanent wiring, wireless subwoofers also make it easy to take your home theater setup with you wherever you go without having to worry about rewiring every time you move around.

How Do Wireless Subwoofers Get Power?

Wireless subwoofers are powered via a transmitter that plugs into an electrical outlet and sends energy wirelessly to the receiver unit connected to the subwoofer. This transmitter module is typically included with most wireless subwoofer systems, allowing you to easily plug it in and get your system up and running without having to worry about any additional wiring.

The receiver on the other hand will be required to be plugged directly into a power source, either through standard AC outlets or specialized power sources depending on what type of system you have chosen.

How Do I Connect My Sony Wireless Sub?

If you have a Sony wireless subwoofer, the first step is to make sure that your receiver (or soundbar) is compatible with it. To do this, check the model number of your receiver or soundbar and compare it to the list of compatible models on Sony’s website. Once you have verified compatibility, then connecting your sub should be relatively straightforward.

Start by plugging in an optical cable from the output port on your receiver/soundbar into the input port on your subwoofer. Then power up both devices and press and hold down the Pairing button for 3-5 seconds until you hear a tone coming from both speakers. You should now be connected!

Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit

If you’re looking for an immersive, high-quality audio experience, a wireless subwoofer kit is the perfect choice. Whether it’s a home theatre system or just to supplement your existing speakers, these kits provide powerful bass and dynamic sound capabilities. With easy setup and flexible placement options, they are also incredibly convenient.

For maximum performance, look for one with plenty of power output and robust frequency response – this will ensure you get the best out of your music and movies.


The E-Sub Wireless Kit is a great product for anyone looking to stream wirelessly from their laptop or desktop. It offers excellent sound quality, portability and easy setup. With its small form factor and low cost, the E-Sub wireless kit is an ideal choice for home audio streaming.

Additionally, it comes with a 3-year warranty in case there are any issues down the road. All things considered, this wireless kit is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy music without being tied down by wires!


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