How to Delete Bluetooth Device from Pioneer Avh-120Bt

To delete a Bluetooth device from your Pioneer AVH-120BT, follow these steps: 1. Go to the Bluetooth settings menu on your head unit. 2. Select the “Delete” option for the desired device. 3. Confirm the deletion by selecting “OK.” 4. The selected device will now be deleted from your head unit’s memory. On your Pioneer … Read more

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer Avh-120Bt

It’s easy to clear the Bluetooth memory on your Pioneer AVH-120BT. Here’s how: First, press and hold the “SRC” button on the front of the unit for about two seconds. Next, use the rotary knob to scroll through the menu until you see “BT MEMORY” highlighted. Press the knob to select it, then scroll down … Read more

How to Turn off Chromecast – Quick Hack You Must Check

How to Turn off Chromecast – Quick Hack You Must Check: Panicked as you can’t turn off your chromecast? Well. The same happens with most people. They do not know how to turn off chromecast. This is, in fact, a common issue for everyone. Interestingly, you cannot turn off a chromecast. The device has been … Read more

How to Change Wifi Network On Chromecast – Best Tips Ever!

Time changing fast. And in this digital world, it takes no time to happen changes around us. So, you must know how to change wifi network on Chromecast. It is necessary to know the rules. Otherwise, you will lag in the race. And if you fail to reconnect WiFi, you will miss the Chromecast facilities. … Read more