How Do I Unmute Youtube on Android?

To unmute YouTube on an Android device, open the YouTube app and locate the video you wish to unmute. Tap the speaker icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. This will remove any sound mute that has been applied by your phone or tablet’s volume settings.

Alternatively, if you are watching a video on full screen mode, simply tap anywhere on the screen to bring up playback controls and then tap on the speaker icon again to unmute it. If you have manually muted videos before while browsing YouTube, they will stay muted until you manually undo this setting from each individual video.

If you’re a YouTube user and have recently found yourself unable to hear audio when watching videos on your Android device, then it’s likely that the sound has been muted. Fortunately, unmuting YouTube on Android is easy and takes just a few steps. To restore audio playback in no time at all, simply open up the YouTube app and select the “Volume” icon from the bottom right corner of your screen – this will instantly bring up a slider which can be used to adjust the volume as desired!

Why is My Youtube Muted Android?

If you’re having trouble hearing audio on your Android device when playing YouTube videos, it could be because the sound has been muted. This is a common issue with many smartphones and tablets, as the volume settings can become inadvertently changed from time to time. There are several potential reasons why this may occur, so let’s explore some of them in more detail.

One possible cause of muted YouTube sound on an Android device could be that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is enabled. This feature restricts notifications and sounds from being heard by users, including audio from streaming websites like YouTube. To make sure this isn’t the problem, simply disable Do Not Disturb mode or switch off any apps which control it (e.g., Tasker).

It’s also worth checking your device’s main volume settings to ensure they haven’t been accidentally lowered too low or even turned off completely; if either of these are true then no matter how loud you have the YouTube video set at – you won’t hear anything coming out! Try adjusting both your phone/tablet’s overall system volume level and individual app volumes until a suitable balance is achieved between them all. Finally, another potential reason for muted playback on Android devices could be due to a faulty headphone jack connection; if there’s something preventing proper contact between headphones/speaker plugs and their corresponding ports then no sound will come through despite how high the volume levels appear within software menus!

How Do I Get Youtube to Unmute?

If you’ve recently encountered an issue with your YouTube video being muted, don’t worry – there are several ways to get YouTube to unmute the audio. Depending on what caused the initial mute, you can try one of these solutions: First, take a look at the volume settings in your browser or device.

Make sure that you haven’t accidentally turned down the sound or muted it completely. Additionally, if using headphones check for any malfunctioning wires or loose connections. If everything looks good there then check for updates and ensure that your media player is up-to-date with all current software patches as well as codecs required to play audio from YouTube videos.

It’s also possible that external plugins may be interfering with audio playback on YouTube so disable any third-party extensions before trying again – this includes ad blockers and other programs which could potentially interfere with sound output from streaming services like YouTube. Finally, make sure no other applications are playing sound in background while attempting to watch a video; this will often reduce its overall volume levels dramatically too!

How Do I Get My Youtube Sound Back?

If you have noticed that the sound on your YouTube videos is suddenly missing, don’t worry! Finding out how to get your YouTube sound back is actually quite simple. First and foremost, check that your computer’s volume settings are turned up enough so that you can hear audio from other sources – if this isn’t the issue it means there may be a problem with either the video itself or your web browser.

Try refreshing the page or reloading the video to see if this helps. If not, try playing another video as some videos may have their own specific sound issues. Additionally, check to make sure all of your plugins and add-ons for Firefox/Chrome/Safari etc are updated as outdated versions can cause problems with audio playback in certain videos.

Finally, if all else fails it could be an issue with Flash Player – make sure you update Adobe Flash Player periodically as older versions can also lead to audio issues when playing back certain types of media files online. Hopefully one of these steps will help you get your YouTube sounds back soon!

Where is the Mute Button on Youtube Android?

The mute button on YouTube Android is located within the video player itself. To access it, simply press the volume icon to the right of the playback bar at the bottom of the YouTube app. This will bring up a drop-down menu with several different sound options for you to choose from, including “Mute”.

If you select this option, all audio associated with your current video will be muted until you select another sound setting or toggle mute off again manually. Additionally, if your device has a physical volume rocker switch (most modern smartphones do), pressing either side of this switch will also instantly mute any audio playing through your device while in YouTube mode.

Fix YouTube Sound Not Working On Android (Fix!)

No Sound on Youtube App Android

If you’re experiencing issues with no sound on the Youtube app for your Android device, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Common causes can include outdated software, corrupt audio files, hardware or software conflicts, and various settings within the Youtube application itself. To start troubleshooting this issue, try updating both your operating system and the Youtube app on your device.

If that doesn’t work, check any external speakers or headphones you may be using and make sure they are connected properly. Additionally, double-check any volume settings in both the native Android sound manager as well as in the YouTube application itself to ensure nothing is muted.


By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you should now be able to easily unmute YouTube on your Android device. To ensure that videos play with sound again, make sure to always check the mute button if you are unable to hear audio from a video. With this knowledge and by taking a few simple precautions, you can enjoy all of your favorite YouTube content with sound!