How to Access Saved Jobs in Linkedin

To access saved jobs in linkedin, click on the jobs tab and then select saved jobs. To save a job, click on the save button on the job search results page or the job description page.

Linkedin is one of the most popular professional social media platforms out there. It provides a lot of features to job seekers, recruiters, and other business professionals beyond just connecting with people. One such feature is saved jobs, which lets job seekers save jobs to apply for later.

The feature is a great way to keep track of your job applications and manage your search more efficiently. However, finding your saved jobs on linkedin is not always straightforward, which is why we’ve created this guide on how to access saved jobs in linkedin. Keep reading to learn more about how to take advantage of this linkedin feature.

Why Should You Save Jobs On Linkedin?

Saving jobs on linkedin may seem like a small action, but it can actually play a crucial role in job searching and career development. By saving jobs, you are creating a list of potential opportunities that can be easily accessed at any time.

This helps to keep track of jobs that interest you and allows you to apply in a timely manner. Additionally, linkedin recommends jobs based on your saved jobs, which can lead to discovering new opportunities that you may not have come across otherwise.

Saved jobs also serve as a reminder to stay on track with job searching and career goals. To access saved jobs on linkedin, simply navigate to the “jobs” section on your linkedin home page and select “saved jobs”. It’s that easy!

How To Save Jobs On Linkedin

One of the most useful features of linkedin is its ability to save job postings. Follow these step-by-step instructions to save jobs on linkedin: 1. Log in to your linkedin account and navigate to the job post you want to save.

2. On the job posting, click the “save” button located in the upper-right corner. 3. You can choose to save the job for your personal reference, or as part of a job search, by selecting the appropriate option. 4. To access your saved jobs later, click on the “jobs” icon in the linkedin navigation bar.

5. Select “saved jobs” from the dropdown menu. 6. You’ll then see a list of all the jobs you’ve saved and can easily click through to view the full job posting. Making use of this feature can ensure you never miss a chance to apply to the perfect job.

Refer to the screenshots below for more guidance.

Accessing Saved Jobs On Linkedin

Accessing saved jobs on linkedin can be done in several ways. One of the most convenient methods is through the linkedin mobile app. Simply open the app, go to your profile and click on the “jobs” tab. From there, click on “saved jobs” and you should see all the job postings that you have saved.

Alternatively, you can also do this through the linkedin desktop site. Just click on the “jobs” tab on your home page and select “saved jobs” from the drop-down menu. Both the mobile app and desktop site offer an easy way to access your saved jobs on linkedin.

Managing Saved Jobs On Linkedin

Managing saved jobs on linkedin is a crucial aspect of getting hired. Prioritizing relevant jobs ensures you don’t miss out on the right opportunity. To do this, archive jobs that you’re no longer interested in. Resaving them is always possible if you change your mind.

You can also use filters to categorize saved jobs by industry or location. Moreover, set alerts to check updated job listings that match your preferred criteria. In essence, managing saved jobs helps streamline your job search, making it less overwhelming.

Remember, practically applying this tips will make your job search process as effective as possible.

Additional Features For Job Seekers On Linkedin

To access saved jobs on linkedin is quite easy. You can just go to “jobs” on your linkedin account and click on “saved” to view your saved jobs. Additionally, the platform offers helpful features for job seekers. One of them is job alerts, available on the desktop and mobile versions.

You can set them up to receive notifications for relevant job openings. With the jobs tab on the linkedin mobile app, you can easily browse job openings, save those that interest you and apply right from the app. These helpful features can make the job search process smoother and more efficient for job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Access Saved Jobs In Linkedin

How Do I Access Saved Jobs On Linkedin?

To access saved jobs on linkedin, simply click on “jobs” on the navigation bar and then select “saved jobs” from the dropdown menu. Here you will find all the jobs you have saved.

How Do I Remove Saved Jobs On Linkedin?

To remove a saved job on linkedin, go to the “saved jobs” page and click the three dots icon next to the job you want to remove. Then select “remove” and confirm your choice.

Can I Set Up Alerts For Saved Jobs On Linkedin?

Yes, linkedin allows you to set up job alerts for saved jobs. Simply click the “more” button on the saved job listing and select “create job alert”. You will receive notifications when new job listings that match your criteria are posted.

How Long Are Jobs Saved On Linkedin?

Jobs you have saved on linkedin will remain saved until you remove them. There is no expiration date for saved jobs.

Can I Apply For A Saved Job Directly From Linkedin?

Yes, you can apply for a saved job directly from linkedin. Simply click on the job listing and select “apply now”. You will be redirected to the company’s website or job board to complete the application process.


Accessing your saved jobs on linkedin is quick and simple. Whether you’ve saved a job for future reference or aspired to work in a specific field, the saved jobs feature can be beneficial in your job search. Knowing how to access your saved jobs can save you both time and energy.

You can search and apply to job listings that pique your interest whenever you’re ready. Not to mention, you can also access the company’s page, which provides insight into the company culture in linkedin. You can even set up job alerts to receive notifications via email when a job matching your criteria is posted, giving you a competitive edge in your job search.

Remember, leveraging the power of linkedin’s saved jobs feature can expand your job search reach, resulting in more opportunities. So start saving those jobs and accessing them regularly to take the lead in your career journey.

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