How to Activate Always on Display on Ios 16

To activate Always on Display on iOS 16, go to Settings, then Display & Brightness, and toggle the option on. Always on Display is a useful feature that can keep important information visible on your iOS device’s screen even when it’s locked.

It can show you the time, date, battery level, and notifications without requiring you to unlock your device. However, this feature isn’t enabled by default on iOS devices, and you need to activate it manually. If you have an iOS 16 device and want to activate Always on Display, you can do so easily by going to the Display & Brightness settings in the Settings app and toggling the option on.

Once enabled, you can customize the information that appears on the screen and adjust the timing and brightness of the feature.

How to Activate Always on Display on Ios 16


Checking Compatibility

Activate Always on Display on iOS 16 by checking your iPhone compatibility first. Make sure your device model and software version are supported. Once confirmed, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On and follow the activation process.

To activate Always on Display on iOS 16, you first need to check your device’s compatibility. Always on Display is only available on the iPhone X and later models. Additionally, your device must be running iOS 16 or later. Before proceeding with the activation, make sure you have all the necessary settings pre-requisites in place. These settings include enabling the “Raise to Wake” feature and disabling the “Auto-Lock” option. Once you have confirmed your device and iOS compatibility and made the necessary settings changes, you can activate the Always on Display feature on your iPhone.
How to Activate Always on Display on Ios 16


Activating Always-on Display

To activate the Always-on Display feature on iOS 16, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Select Display & Brightness.
  3. Tap Always-on Display.
  4. Toggle the switch to turn it on.
  5. Your iPhone will now display notifications, time, and other information even when the screen is off.

Customization Of Aod

You can also customize the information and appearance of the Always-on Display feature by:

  • Choosing what type of information to display (time, date, notifications, etc.).
  • Adjusting the brightness level.
  • Selecting a clock style.

Battery Life Impact

Always-on Display can impact battery life as the screen is always on. However, iOS 16 is optimized to minimize battery usage for this feature. You can also turn off the feature during low battery mode to save battery life.


To activate Always on Display on iOS 16, you may encounter some common issues. Some of the most common issues include:

Problem Solution
Always on Display is not turning on Go to “Settings,” tap “Display & Brightness,” and then turn off “Raise to Wake.”
The battery is draining too quickly Go to “Settings,” tap “Display & Brightness,” and then switch to “Low Power Mode.”
The Always on Display feature is not showing notifications Go to “Settings,” tap “Notifications,” and turn on “Show Previews.”

By following these simple steps, you can quickly resolve most of the issues while activating Always on Display on iOS 16. With Always on Display, you can check the time, date, and notifications without having to unlock your phone, making your life much easier!

How to Activate Always on Display on Ios 16



If you want to personalize your iPhone, you can activate Always on Display on IOS 16. This feature provides a convenient way to see the essential information from your lock screen continually. Through the lock screen information setting in your iPhone, you can choose how you want your Always on Display to show your personalized information.

Additionally, you can also customize the wallpaper settings to choose the best design that matches your style and preference. You can choose the live wallpaper, still wallpaper, or darker appearance desktop, all based on your taste. By following simple steps in your iPhone Settings, you can activate and customize your Always on Display settings and have a more personalized and efficient smartphone experience.

Lock Screen Information Settings Wallpaper Settings
– Tap Settings, then Display and Brightness. – Tap Settings, then Wallpaper.
– Select “Always On” under the Lock Screen option. – Choose the wallpaper you desire from your Albums or Apple’s gallery.
– Choose the information you want to appear on your Lock Screen. – Choose between live photos, still photos, or select the “Dark Appearance” mode.


That’s great! Here’s the conclusion paragraph for the blog post “How to Activate Always on Display on Ios 16”. Now that you know how to activate Always on Display on your iOS 16 device, you can enjoy the convenience of having access to information without having to unlock your phone.

This feature not only saves time but improves battery performance, making it a win-win situation. Simply follow the steps mentioned in this guide and customize your always-on display with your preferred watch face, schedule, and settings. Don’t miss out on this nifty feature and give it a try today!

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