How To Add Multiple Photos To One Instagram Story?

To add multiple photos to one instagram story, select the “layouts” option and choose a layout that accommodates multiple photos. Once selected, add photos to each frame in the layout.

Adding multiple photos to one instagram story is a great way to showcase different aspects of a subject or event. As an expert content writer, it’s important to understand how to create engaging content on all platforms. Instagram stories offer a unique way of sharing content with a wider audience.

With the ability to add multiple photos in a single story, viewers can see more of what you want to share without the need for multiple posts. This feature can also be used to create collages, highlight different images from the same event, or tell a visual story in a more dynamic way. In this article, we’ll explore how to add multiple photos to one instagram story.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Add Multiple Photos To One Instagram Story?

How Many Photos Can You Add To One Instagram Story?

You can add up to 10 photos to a single instagram story. Simply select the photos you want to add from your camera roll and they will appear as a slideshow in your story.

How Do You Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story?

To add multiple photos to an instagram story, first tap on the camera icon at the top left of the screen. Then, swipe up on the screen or tap the “gallery” icon to access your camera roll. Next, select the photos you want to add and tap the “+” button to add them to your story.

Can You Edit The Order Of Photos In An Instagram Story?

Yes, you can edit the order of photos in an instagram story. After selecting the photos you want to add, press and hold on a photo to rearrange its position in the slideshow. You can also add text, stickers, and filters to each individual photo.


To sum up, adding multiple photos to one instagram story is a fantastic way to showcase your creativity and highlight more moments. With the step-by-step guide we have covered in this blog post, it is now easy to add multiple photos while keeping your followers engaged with your content.

From arranging the pictures to using stickers and other relevant features, there are plenty of ways to make your story an eye-catching masterpiece. Remember to keep your story unique, high-quality, and interesting to capture your audience’s attention. So, go ahead and experiment with the various options available to improve your storytelling skills.

With our tips, you can now post instagram stories that impress and set you apart from the rest. Try now and see the difference it makes to your instagram game!

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