How to Add Philo App to Vizio Smart Tv

To add the philo app to your vizio smart tv, you need to access the smartcast platform and search for the philo app from there. Once you locate the app, you can download and install it directly on your tv.

With the app installed, you can enjoy live and on-demand tv content from over 60 channels. Philo is an affordable streaming service that offers a range of entertainment options for cord-cutters who want to access tv programming without paying for cable.

In this article, we will show you how to add the philo app to your vizio smart tv and enjoy your favorite shows from the comfort of your living room.

Step 1: Check If Your Vizio Smart Tv Is Compatible With The Philo App

Before adding the philo app to your vizio smart tv, it’s important to verify compatibility. Start by checking the app store on your tv. If you can’t locate the philo app, it may not be compatible. Another option is to check the manufacturer’s website to see if your specific tv model is capable of running the app.

Once you’ve confirmed compatibility, download the philo app and log in using your credentials. Keep in mind that some older vizio models may not support certain apps, so it’s important to do your research prior to attempting an installation. By following these tips, you can easily add the philo app to your vizio smart tv and start streaming your favorite content in no time.

Step 2: Connect Your Vizio Smart Tv To The Internet

To connect your vizio smart tv to the internet, you need to follow these steps. First, go to the settings menu on your tv and select “network”. Then, choose “wireless” or “ethernet” depending on your connection type. If you’re using wi-fi, select your network from the list of available options.

Enter your password and wait for the tv to connect. Once connected, your tv should display a confirmation message. It’s essential to ensure a stable internet connection before proceeding to the next step of adding the philo app to your vizio smart tv.

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Step 3: Access The Vizio Smartcast Platform

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Step 4: Search And Select The Philo App

When it comes to adding the philo app to your vizio smart tv, it’s essential to follow the correct steps. After accessing the vizio app store, search for “philo” using your remote. Select the app, and then click “install”. The installation process may take a few minutes, and once it’s completed, open the philo app and log in using your account details.

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Step 5: Install The Philo App

In order to install the philo app on your vizio smart tv, there are a few steps you need to follow. Once you have turned on your tv and ensured that you have a stable wi-fi connection, go to the vizio internet apps plus menu.

From there, search for the philo app and select it. Click on “install app” and wait for the installation process to complete. Once the app is installed, you can access it from the vizio internet apps plus menu. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonderful features that philo has to offer on your vizio smart tv.

Bonus: Tips For A Better Philo Experience On Your Vizio Smart Tv

If you want to add the philo app to your vizio smart tv, follow these easy steps. First, make sure that your tv is connected to the internet. Open the vizio app store and search for the philo app. Download and install it onto your tv.

Bonus tip: to get the best experience, ensure that your vizio smart tv is running the latest firmware. If you’re experiencing buffering or lag, try resetting your internet connection. Consider upgrading to a vizio smart tv with better specs for a smoother streaming experience.

Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in enhancing your philo experience on your vizio smart tv.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Add Philo App To Vizio Smart Tv

How Do I Add Philo App To My Vizio Smart Tv?

To add philo app to your vizio smart tv, open the internet browser on your tv, visit the app store, search for philo, click install, and sign in to your account.

Can I Find Philo App On Vizio Smartcast?

Yes, you can find philo app on vizio smartcast. Press the “v” button on your tv remote, select “apps”, navigate to the app store, search for philo, click install, and sign in to your account.

Does Philo App Cost To Download?

Philo app is free to download on vizio smart tv. However, you need to pay for a subscription plan to watch live tv channels and access on-demand content.

How Can I Stream Philo On Multiple Vizio Smart Tvs?

To stream philo on multiple vizio smart tvs, you can either use a streaming device or a smart tv adapter. Connect the device to your tv, sign in to your philo account, and start streaming.

Can I Watch Live Tv On Philo App?

Yes, you can watch live tv on philo app. Philo app offers more than 60 live tv channels, including entertainment, news, sports, and lifestyle channels. You can also record live tv shows with philo app.


Now you know how to add the philo app to your vizio smart tv, and it’s time to enjoy your favorite shows and movies with ease. The step-by-step process should have made it clear, and you must have learned some essential tricks along the way.

Streaming your favorite content doesn’t have to be a hassle, and with the philo app, it’s easy and affordable. You can also customize your subscription to fit your specific needs and preferences. With a wide range of channels and on-demand content, philo is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional cable tv.

Follow the instructions and start streaming today. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and simplicity of philo on your vizio smart tv, and never miss an episode of your favorite show again.

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