How to Add Users to Apple Tv App?

To add users to Apple TV App, first open the Settings app on your Apple TV. Then select Accounts from the main menu and choose Add New User. Enter a name for the user and then click Create Account.

The next screen will ask you to enter an email address or phone number associated with the new user’s account. After entering this information, tap Next and then accept any prompts that appear on the screen to finish setting up their account. Once done, you can now log into different accounts using your remote control or by swiping down from top of your touchpad controller if connected.

Your new user should now be visible in the list of available users once logged in successfully!

  • From the home screen of your Apple TV, select “Settings” from the top navigation bar
  • Select “Users and Accounts” option located on the left-hand side of the menu
  • On this page, select “Add User” to create a new user profile for someone who will be using Apple TV on your account
  • Enter their name and an email address associated with their own iCloud or iTunes account when prompted so that they can access all their content through Apple TV once logged in as a user on your system
  • To add additional users to your device, simply repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have added all desired users to your system then click “Done” at the bottom right corner of the screen when finished adding them all

Can You Have Multiple Users on Apple Tv App?

Yes, you can have multiple users on the Apple TV app. With the new tvOS 13 update, there is now support for up to six different user profiles per device. This means that each person in your household can create their own profile so they can access their favorite content and apps without having to log in and out of an account.

You can also control which type of content each user has access to using Parental Controls. By setting up separate profiles for each user, you’ll be able to keep everyone’s preferences organized and easily accessible from one place.

How Do I Share My Apple Tv+ Subscription With a Family Member?

Sharing an Apple TV+ subscription with a family member is easy and convenient. To begin, make sure both you and your family member have an active Apple ID. If either of you do not have one yet, create one by going to and clicking “Create Your Apple ID” at the bottom of the page.

Once that is done, go to Settings on your Apple TV device or computer then select Users & Accounts > Family Sharing > Set Up Family Sharing > Get Started if prompted > Invite Family Member. Enter your family members email address associated with their account then click Send Invitation; they will receive a confirmation email they can use to accept the invitation which will add them as part of your group sharing plan for Apple TV+. After that’s complete, simply open up any app on the App Store such as Movies or TV Shows and enjoy watching content together!

How Do I Set Up Shared With You on Apple Tv?

Setting up Shared with You on Apple TV is a great way to share content like photos, videos, and music with your family and friends. To get started, all you need to do is open the Settings app on your Apple TV and select ‘Shared with You’. Then, enter the email addresses of anyone you want to invite to view or play content that has been shared with them.

Once they accept the invitation (which will show up in their notifications), they can access anything that has been shared from your library. It’s important to note that any changes made by users who have access won’t be reflected back in your library unless you manually approve them. This feature makes it easy for everyone in the group to keep track of what’s available for viewing or playing at any given time!

Can You Share Apple Tv With Non Apple Users?

Absolutely! Apple TV is designed to be accessible and easy-to-use for everyone, regardless of their device type or operating system. In fact, it’s easier than ever to share content from your Apple TV with non-Apple users thanks to the AirPlay feature.

With AirPlay, you can mirror what’s on your iPhone/iPad screen onto an Apple TV connected television set or monitor — no matter who made them. You can even stream audio from any app with AirPlay support directly to speakers or other compatible devices like HomePods over Wi-Fi. So if you have friends and family members who don’t own an iOS device, they can still take advantage of all the great features offered by the Apple TV without needing one.

How to Add a New User on APPLE TV 4K – Create a New Account on APPLE Streaming Device – Video Guide

Apple Tv App Multiple Users

The Apple TV app allows multiple users to access their own personalized entertainment preferences, including recommendations based on their past usage. This means that each user can have a tailored viewing experience with movies and shows from all the different streaming services they subscribe to in one convenient place. Additionally, the app is designed for easy switching between profiles so family members or friends can quickly jump into whatever content they’re interested in.


By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you are now able to add users to your Apple TV app easily and quickly. You have learned how to turn on Home Sharing, set up a user account, log into iTunes Store and add users from there. Additionally, you have also discovered how to switch between different user accounts with ease.

With these tips in hand, you can now manage multiple user profiles on the same Apple TV device without any hassle or difficulty.