How to Always Be Imposter in among Us Ios

To always be imposter in Among Us iOS, try changing your username to “imposter” and adjust your settings to play with only one imposter. Join in on the fun of the popular game Among Us by always being the imposter!

Among Us iOS offers players the opportunity to play as either a crewmate or imposter, with each game requiring players to determine who the imposter is in order to win. While being a crewmate can be fun, being the imposter is even more exciting.

However, it can be challenging to always be chosen as the imposter. One way to improve your chances is by changing your username to “imposter” and adjusting the game settings to only one imposter per game. Keep reading for more tips on how to increase your chances of being the imposter in Among Us iOS.

How to Always Be Imposter in among Us Ios


Understanding The Imposter

An imposter in Among Us IOS is a player who is given the role of sabotaging the spaceship and killing other players. The goal of the imposter is to remain undetected and eliminate all the crewmates before they can complete all their tasks.

What Is An Imposter?

An imposter is a player who looks and plays like any other crewmate, but their ultimate goal is to sabotage the mission and eliminate other players.

How Does The Imposter Differ From Other Players?

The main difference between the imposter and other players is that the imposter can sabotage the spaceship, vent to other parts of the ship, and kill other players without being seen. On the other hand, crewmates cannot do any of these things and must work together to complete their tasks and identify the imposter before it’s too late.

How to Always Be Imposter in among Us Ios


Mastering The Art Of Deception

Among Us is a popular game and being an imposter is a crucial part of it. To be a successful imposter, you need to know how to blend in with other players, create alibis and excuses, misdirect other players, and kill strategically.

While blending in, make sure to observe the other players’ behavior and mimic it. It can also be helpful to stick with a group of players to avoid suspicion.

Creating alibis and excuses can help you deflect attention from yourself. As an imposter, you can pretend to complete tasks and report fake emergencies to build your credibility.

Misdirecting other players can be effective in avoiding suspicion. You can do this by blaming other players or creating false accusations to lead other players astray.

Finally, killing strategically can make or break your game. You should be mindful of cameras and other players’ movements to avoid getting caught and ensure that no one is around to see you.

Remember, being an imposter in Among Us is all about deception. With practice, you can master the art of deception and always come out on top.

Developing Psychological Warfare Tactics

In Among Us iOS, being an imposter is all about strategy and manipulation. To effectively manipulate other players, it’s important to use psychological tricks and mind games. First and foremost, always maintain a calm and collected demeanor, even if you’re feeling nervous or unsure. This will make you seem more trustworthy and less likely to be accused.

Another tactic is to divert suspicion onto other players by subtly shifting blame onto them. For example, you can create doubt by asking leading questions or making vague accusations. Additionally, try to play mind games with your fellow players by planting false information or creating alliances with certain players to gain their trust.

Manipulating Other Players Psychological Tricks and Techniques Mind Games to Play with Other Players
Shift blame onto others Create doubt with leading questions Plant false information
Create false alliances Maintain a calm demeanor Create alliances for trust
How to Always Be Imposter in among Us Ios


Playing The Game Like A Pro

To always be the imposter in Among Us on iOS, you need to play the game like a pro. This means studying the maps and understanding the tasks to blend in as a crewmate. Be sure to look out for opportunities to sabotage the missions without getting caught. Mastering the sabotage mechanic is key to remaining undetected and creating distractions. Additionally, using vents to travel is a powerful tool for the imposter.

Tip 1: Study Maps
Get to know the maps like the back of your hand to move around quickly and plan sabotages accordingly.
Tip 2: Understand Tasks
Memorize common crewmate tasks to blend in and act convincing. Avoid faking tasks that are easily spotted.
Tip 3: Master Sabotage Mechanic
Sabotage wisely to cause chaos and have a better chance of killing crewmates without detection.
Tip 4: Use Vents to Travel
Vents allow you to move quickly and efficiently, and can also be used to create diversions and throw off suspicion.

Advanced Strategies To Keep In Mind

If you find yourself as the imposter in among us ios, there are a few advanced strategies to keep in mind:

  • Coordinate with other imposters: Communicate with your fellow imposters to create believable stories and alibis. This will make it easier to defend against suspicious players.
  • Winning alone as the imposter: If you find yourself as the only imposter, try to eliminate players one by one. Be careful not to draw too much attention to yourself.
  • Defending yourself as the imposter: Remember to always have a good alibi and try to blend in with the crew. If accused, deny and defend yourself by casting suspicion on other players.


Becoming an imposter in Among Us iOS is not an easy feat, but with the right approach, it can be achieved. Remember to always blend in with the crew, use sabotages wisely, and keep an eye on other players. Also, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid any unnecessary movement or actions.

By following these tips, you increase your chances of fooling your fellow players and winning the game as the imposter. Give it a try and see how it goes!

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