How to Block a Phone Number on Landline Spectrum: Quick & Easy Solutions

To block a phone number on landline Spectrum, dial *60 and follow the prompts. Once the number is blocked, they will no longer be able to call you.

Being bothered by unknown or unwanted phone calls can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when it comes to landline phones. Fortunately, Spectrum offers a feature that allows you to block specific phone numbers. This feature can provide you with some peace of mind and help you avoid unwanted calls.

We will guide you on how to block a phone number on landline Spectrum. By following the simple steps provided, you can easily prevent specific callers from disturbing your peace and quiet. Stay with us and learn how you can block phone numbers on your Spectrum landline.

Method 1: Call Spectrum Customer Service

Method 1: Call Spectrum Customer Service

Gather your account information before calling. When you connect with the representative, explain the situation. Provide the phone number you want them to block. Wait for confirmation that the number has been successfully blocked from calling your landline. Spectrum customer service is available 24/7, and they are always willing to help with any issues that you may have. Blocking a phone number on your landline is a simple process, and it is an effective way to prevent unwanted calls from bothering you in the future.

How to Block a Phone Number on Landline Spectrum: Quick & Easy Solutions


Method 2: Use Spectrum’s Voice Online Manager

To use Spectrum’s Voice Online Manager to block a phone number on your landline, start by logging in to your Spectrum account. Once you have logged in, go to the Voice Online Manager option from the menu.

Then, select the ‘Block Incoming Calls’ option and enter the phone number that you want to block. Finally, remember to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to confirm the block. This will prevent the blocked number from calling your landline in the future.

Method 3: Use A Call Blocking Device

Blocking unwanted phone calls from the telemarketers, scammers or any other unknown individuals is important to maintain the privacy of your landline number. One of the effective methods to block a phone number on landline Spectrum is to use a call blocking device. There are various call blocking devices available in the market that can help you restrict unwanted calls. You can choose a call blocking device as per your requirements and we recommend brands such as CPR V5000, Sentry 3.1, Digitone ProSeries call blocker, and many more.

After selecting your desired call blocking device, connect it to your phone jack or line and attach your phone to its input. Once you have connected the device, follow the instructions provided with the call blocker to blacklist the unwanted numbers. Make sure you input the phone numbers accurately to avoid blocking any valid calls.

Blocking phone numbers on Spectrum landline is an easy process and using a dedicated call blocker is an effective solution to manage your incoming calls. Keep your landline safe and secure from unwanted calls through this simple and hassle-free method.

Call Blocking Devices Features
CPR V5000 Block 5000 unwanted numbers, Easy to install, Multiple modes
Sentry 3.1 Block 1500 unwanted numbers, One-touch blacklist, 3 programmable buttons
Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker Block 250 unwanted numbers, Separate blocking settings for mobile, landline and VoIP, One-touch blocking
How to Block a Phone Number on Landline Spectrum: Quick & Easy Solutions


What To Do If The Phone Number Is Still Able To Call

If the blocked phone number is still able to call despite following the blocking process, you can contact Spectrum customer service for further assistance. They can troubleshoot the issue and help you resolve it. Trying a different method of blocking the number is also an option. For example, if you initially blocked the number through the phone settings, you can try downloading a blocking app. Finally, consider getting a new phone number if nothing else works. While this may be an inconvenience, it can ensure that you no longer receive unwanted calls from the blocked number.

How to Block a Phone Number on Landline Spectrum: Quick & Easy Solutions



Blocking unwanted calls from unfamiliar phone numbers can be a great relief and help manage disruption in your daily life. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily block unwanted phone numbers on your landline Spectrum service.

With the use of Spectrum’s easy-to-use features, you can enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted home phone experience. Keep your phone calls hassle-free with Spectrum and never worry about unwanted calls again.

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