How to Bypass Hotel Wifi for Ps4

To bypass hotel wifi for PS4, you will need to connect your PS4 console directly to the internet through a wired connection. You can use an Ethernet cable and plug one end into the back of your console and the other end into the wall outlet or router provided by the hotel. This should allow you to access online gaming services such as PlayStation Network.

Additionally, if you have a laptop with an Ethernet port, you may be able to share its connection with your console using something called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

To do this, connect both devices via Ethernet cables before going into ‘Settings’ on your laptop and enabling ICS.

Finally, make sure that both devices are connected to each other and then restart them both in order for it all to work properly.

  • Connect a LAN cable from the PS4 to your laptop: Start by connecting one end of a LAN cable (Ethernet) to the back of your PS4 and connect it with another end to one of the available ports on your laptop
  • Disable Wi-Fi connection on Laptop: After establishing a wired connection between both devices, you will need to disable any existing Wi-Fi connections enabled on your laptop in order for this method to work properly
  • Create a mobile hotspot using your phone or tablet: You can either use an Android device or an iOS device that is connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network and create a mobile hotspot so that you can share its internet connection with other devices including laptops, PCs and consoles like PS4
  • Turn on the Internet Sharing/Tethering feature on Mobile Device: Once you have established a wireless connection with the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, make sure that you turn ON the “Internet Sharing/Tethering” feature from the settings menu of the mobile device which will allow other devices such as PS4 access internet via this created Wi-Fi Hotspot connection
  • Connect PS4 Console To Your Mobile Hotspot Network: Finally, open up the Settings Menu in the PS4 console, look for the “Network” option then select “Set Up Internet Connection”
  • Now choose Option 4 i-e Use Wi-Fi & Select The Name Of Your Created Wi-Fi Network and enter the Password If Required
  • Press X On the Controller To Continue and wait For a Successful Connection Message On the Screen

How Do I Connect My PS4 to Hotel Wi-Fi That Requires Login?

Connecting your PS4 to a hotel’s Wi-Fi network can be tricky, especially if the hotel requires login information. The first step is to determine if your PS4 has a built-in web browser or not. If it does, then you’ll need to launch the browser and enter the address of the hotel’s login page in order to gain access.

Otherwise, you’ll have to connect your console directly via an ethernet cable and manually configure its settings with the necessary details provided by the hotel. Once connected, you should be able to enjoy online gaming without any further issues!

How Do I Connect My Game Console to Hotel Wi-Fi?

Connecting your game console to hotel Wi-Fi is a relatively straightforward process. First, you’ll need to find the network password which can usually be found in the hotel lobby or on their website. Once you have this information, power up your console and select the “connect” option from the main menu.

On some consoles, such as Xbox One, this will take you directly to a list of available networks; if not then select “Wireless Network Settings” instead. Select your hotel’s Wi-Fi name (SSID) from the list of available networks and enter in the password when prompted.

Finally, click “connect” and wait for your game console to establish a connection with the hotel’s network before launching into online gaming sessions!

How Do I Connect My PS4 to Unsecured Wi-Fi?

In order to connect your PS4 console to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, you will first need to make sure that the wireless router is turned on and broadcasting a signal.

Once this is confirmed, navigate over to the settings menu of your PS4 by pressing the “Options” button on your controller. From there select “Network” and then choose “Set Up Internet Connection.”

You should now see an option for connecting via Wi-Fi; select it and continue through the setup process until you are connected.

Make sure that when given a prompt asking if you would like encryption enabled or not, always choose yes as this will provide better security for both yourself and other users who may be using the same network. Once finished with all steps, you should be successfully connected to your unsecured Wi-Fi connection!

Why didn’t my PS4 connect to Motel 6 Wi-Fi?

If you are having difficulty connecting to the Motel 6 Wi-Fi network with your PS4, there could be several potential causes. The first thing to check is that you have entered the correct credentials for the network (username and password).

You should also make sure that your device is within range of the router; if not, then try moving it closer or using an extender.

Additionally, ensure that no other devices on your home network are interfering with your connection by disabling them temporarily. Finally, contact Motel 6’s customer service team as they may be able to help troubleshoot any remaining issues.

How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wi-Fi With Browser

Connecting your PS4 to a hotel Wi-Fi network with a browser is relatively straightforward. First, turn on the PlayStation 4 and select the “Settings” option from the main menu. Next, choose “Network,” then “Set Up Internet Connection.”

Select either Wi-Fi or LAN Cable (Ethernet) depending on what type of connection you have available. If choosing Wi-Fi, enter your network name and password for authentication before selecting “Do Not Use” for Proxy Server.

This will allow you to browse using your internet browser without having to configure any additional settings. Finally, test your connection by launching a web page in the browser and enjoy!


Bypassing hotel Wi-Fi to connect your PS4 can be a great way to ensure you get the best gaming experience while on vacation. With the right hardware and some simple setup steps, you can have your PS4 connected in no time.

While it may not always work with every hotel’s network, there are many methods available that can help you bypass their restrictions so that you can enjoy your games without hassle.

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