How to Cancel Avast Subscription – 2 Steps Away 

Struggling to cancel Avast subscription? Well. You are not alone. Many of the Avast users do not know how to cancel Avast subscription. They start the subscription but cannot end it. So, they face difficulties.

Not to worry.

In this post, you will have a comprehensive idea about the matter. Considering the issues of the newbies, I have made this post.

Cancel Avast Subscription

Let’s start exploring it. However, I guess it would be beneficial if you know some background. It may include the explanation of antivirus and benefits, among others.

What is Avast?

Data breaching is too common in the present days. A large number of people suffer from the issue. So, they never feel secure in the virtual world.

(A small note- many of my readers are victims of this situation.)

Hence, they need protection. Protection against cyber threats. And Avast is an antivirus software providing protection.

You have to install Avast on your computer. The software will provide protection against malware, spam attacks, and viruses. Therefore, people use this antivirus to remain safe in the virtual world.

Benefits of using an antivirus

Well. There are a number of benefits. Some of the prominent benefits are explained in brief here.

  • Cyber threat protection – it provides protection from cyber threats. The risks of identity theft and hacking have been reduced to a great extent.
  • Blocks malware – at times, malware penetrates into computers. But having an antivirus will safeguard your computer from such malware.
  • Prevents spam attacks – moreover, an antivirus can prevent spam attacks.
  • Smooth functioning – besides, antivirus helps to ensure smooth functioning of your computer.

How to cancel avast subscription

Avast always allows users to unsubscribe from the subscription. So, there are several steps to cancel Avast subscription. Check the steps below.

Step 1

Enter into your Avast account. Use your email id and password to sign in to the account.

Step 2

Now, you are to select the Subscriptions.

Here you will find an option to unsubscribe. Click and select it. You also need to select unsubscribe from future renewals.

Set the date – from when you want to unsubscribe it.

Now, click for Got it. You will get a confirmation email within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is identity theft?

This is a vast issue. Usually, hackers penetrate into any email or social media account. They steal necessary information. Later, they use the information to create a fake identity. So, the people who are victimized may face serious risks.

The hackers may use the information to commit crimes. They also may use the information to obtain illegal wealth. There are many more issues related here.

But an antivirus can prevent identity theft. It will not allow unwanted users to penetrate your computer. Thus, you are free of the risks.

How to subscribe to an antivirus?

It’s one of the simple processes available in the world.

You need to enter into the website of the antivirus provider. There, you will find a form to be filled in for a subscription. Also, you have to provide a debit or credit card number to charge the subscription fee.

You will get a confirmation email. And you are done.

However, if you want to know how to cancel avast subscription, check the post above.

What is a free trial in antivirus?

Free trial is the option to check the quality of the provided service. Usually, the antivirus service providers have free trial options. They want their potential clients to know about their services.

Thereby, they provide the free trial option. Using the free trial, you can get an in-depth idea of how the software works.

However, please remember that the free trial is for a limited time. If you are happy with the service, you can start a regular subscription. Besides, there are options to unsubscribe. If you are unhappy, you can skip that too.

So, know you a concrete idea on how to cancel avast subscription. I Hope, you will apply it to unsubscribe.

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