How to Cancel Hulu Through Spotify

To cancel hulu through spotify, log in to your spotify account, go to your account overview, and select “change or cancel. ” then, follow the prompts to cancel your hulu subscription.

Canceling a hulu subscription through spotify is a straightforward process. Whether you no longer wish to use hulu or you’ve found a better streaming platform, it’s easy to end your subscription. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to cancel hulu through your spotify account quickly.

Additionally, we’ll outline any relevant information you need to make the process as smooth as possible. By the end of this article, you’ll understand the steps you need to take to cancel your hulu subscription through spotify.

Method 1: Canceling Your Hulu Subscription Through Spotify

Canceling your hulu subscription through spotify is a straightforward process. First, log in to your spotify account and locate the “your services” section. From there, click “manage” next to hulu. This will take you to your hulu account, where you can access your subscription details.

To cancel, simply click “cancel subscription” and follow the prompts. It’s important to note that if you signed up for hulu directly through their website rather than through spotify, you won’t be able to cancel through spotify. In this case, you’ll need to log in to your hulu account directly and cancel through their platform.

Overall, canceling hulu through spotify is an easy and convenient option for those who originally signed up for hulu through this platform.

Method 2: Canceling Your Spotify Subscription Through Hulu

Canceling your spotify subscription through hulu is an excellent option for those who bundled the two services. To access your spotify account through hulu, open the hulu app and log in to your account. Then, navigate to your account settings and select the “manage your account” option.

Next, click on the “spotify premium” tab and select “cancel subscription. ” be cautious of potential issues such as accidentally canceling your hulu subscription instead of spotify. Lastly, remember to follow the prompts to finish canceling your subscription to avoid getting charged in the future.

Common Issues And Frequently Asked Questions

Common issues people face when trying to cancel their hulu subscription through spotify include difficulty accessing the correct settings and the need to cancel both subscriptions separately. To successfully cancel, log in to your spotify account, find the hulu section of your account page, and select “cancel.

” keep in mind that this will only cancel your hulu subscription through spotify. To cancel your spotify subscription as well, you will need to repeat this process in your spotify account settings. Some frequently asked questions about cancelling include whether you will be charged for the remainder of the billing period and if you will be able to access hulu until the end of the billing cycle.

The answers vary depending on your specific situation, so it is best to contact hulu or spotify customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Cancel Hulu Through Spotify

How Do I Cancel Hulu Through Spotify?

To cancel hulu through spotify, go to your spotify account and access your “account page”. There you’ll find the “your services” section, which includes hulu. To cancel it, click on “manage your services” and then select “cancel” next to hulu.

Is It Possible To Cancel Hulu Through Spotify During The Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel your hulu subscription through spotify during the free trial period. If you do so, you’ll be able to use hulu for the remainder of the trial period, but won’t be charged when the trial period ends.

Will I Continue To Be Able To Use Hulu After Canceling It On Spotify?

Yes, after canceling hulu on spotify, you’ll still have access to your hulu account until the end of your billing cycle. Once the billing cycle ends, you won’t be charged and your hulu account will be deactivated.

Will I Lose My Hulu Account If I Cancel Through Spotify?

Canceling hulu through spotify won’t delete your hulu account, but it will deactivate it. If you decide to reactivate your hulu account, you can do so directly through hulu’s website.

Is There A Fee For Canceling Hulu Through Spotify?

No, there’s no fee for canceling hulu through spotify. Cancelling is free of charge and you won’t be charged for any remaining days left in the billing cycle.


Canceling your hulu subscription through spotify can save you time and money. The steps are simple and straightforward, ensuring that you won’t encounter any problems during the cancellation process. Remember to cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the following month.

If you encounter any technical problems or questions regarding the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to contact hulu’s customer support or spotify’s help center. By following these easy steps and guidelines, you will be able to save money and ensure that your subscription services are managed efficiently.

So, what are you waiting for? Start canceling your hulu subscription through spotify today and enjoy your hassle-free entertainment experience.