How to Change Atlantic Broadband Wifi Password

1. Access the Atlantic Broadband Modem by opening a web browser and entering in the address bar, then press enter to access your modem’s settings page. 2. Log into your account with your username and password (the default is ‘admin’ for both). 3. Click on the Wireless tab at the top of the screen, then select Security from the left-hand menu options that appear below it.

4. Select WPA/WPA2 as your security type, then enter a new password in both “Pre-Shared Key” boxes and save your changes by pressing Apply Settings at the bottom of this page. 5 .Your Wi-Fi network will now be protected with this new password so make sure you remember it!

  • Log in to your Atlantic Broadband modem: Using a computer or laptop connected to your modem, open an internet browser and type the IP address of your modem into the address bar
  • The default IP of Atlantic Broadband modems is 10
  • 1, but you can check with customer service if this has been changed for your specific network setup
  • Enter login credentials: You will be prompted for a username and password after entering the IP address into the URL bar of your web browser
  • By default, these are both ‘admin’ without quotations marks; however they may have been changed by previous users or customer service personnel so it is important to double-check with customer service first before proceeding further if necessary 3
  • Navigate to Wireless Settings: Once logged in successfully, navigate through various menus until you reach the wireless settings page on which you can change all relevant parameters associated with wireless connections such as SSID name and security key (password)
  • 4 Change Password: While still on this same page locate where it says “Security Key/Passphrase” or something similar – enter in here a new strong yet memorable password that meets minimum requirements stated by any window pop-up prompts that appear upon entry e
  • g 8 characters containing at least 1 uppercase letter etc
  • 5 Save Changes & Reboot Modem: After changing passwords click save changes button then wait for few moments till router reboots itself automatically
  • This will take couple minutes , once done everything should work fine now

How To Change WiFi Password (2022)

How Do I Change My Broadband Wifi Password?

If you need to change your broadband WiFi password, the process is relatively simple. First, log into your router’s web interface by entering its IP address in a web browser. You should be able to find this information easily on the back or bottom of the router itself.

Once logged in, look for an option that says “WiFi settings” and click on it. From there, select a new password and save your changes. It’s important to remember that this new password will be required anytime someone tries to connect with your network from any device so make sure you choose something secure and easy-to-remember!

How Do I Change Wifi Password on Arris?

Changing your Arris WiFi password is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. First, locate the modem on your network and access it through its web-based setup page. Once you are logged into the setup page, look for an option labeled “Wireless Security” or something similar.

Select this option to change the WiFi password of your Arris router. Enter a new secure password in both the WPA2 Password field as well as the Re-Enter WPA2 Password field and make sure to save changes when prompted. You’ve now successfully changed your Arris WiFi password!

It’s important to remember this new password since you’ll need it every time you want to connect any device to your home network.

How to Change Wifi Password

Changing your Wi-Fi password is an important step in keeping your network secure. To change the password for most routers, you will need to open a web browser and enter your router’s IP address into the address bar at the top of the page. From there, you’ll likely have to enter your username and password before accessing the router settings page.

Once on this page, look for a “Wireless” or “Security” tab and find an option that says something like “Change Password” – this should allow you to set a new Wi-Fi password for your network.


Changing your Atlantic Broadband wifi password is a great way to ensure your network remains secure. It’s also easy to do, and only takes a couple of minutes. With the right information and steps, you can have a new wifi password in no time at all.

By following these simple instructions, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your network is safe from intruders and malicious software.