How to Change Home Screen Only on Ios 16

To change the home screen only on iOS 16, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper and select the home screen option. Changing the home screen on iOS 16 is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps.

You don’t have to alter the lock screen or other settings. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to changing just the home screen wallpaper on your iOS 16 device. By following these simple steps, you can make your home screen more aesthetically pleasing or personal.

Whether you want to use your own photos or choose from the vast selection of Apple’s built-in wallpapers, this guide will show you how to customize your home screen to your liking.

How to Change Home Screen Only on Ios 16


Understanding Ios 16

IOS 16 allows you to change the home screen only through a few simple steps. By long-pressing on the home screen, selecting the “edit home screen” option, and dragging and dropping apps as desired, you can easily customize the home screen to suit your needs.

IOS 16 is the latest version of the IOS operating system for Apple devices, released in 2021. It comes with a lot of new features and improvements that make using Apple devices even more fun and convenient. Some of the key features of IOS 16 include:

1. Redesigned Home Screen The home screen has been redesigned to give a refreshed look and feel that makes it easier to find and launch your apps.
2. New Widgets IOS 16 comes with new widgets with various sizes which can be customized to fit your preference, enabling you to access important information directly from the home screen.
3. App Library It’s a new feature that automatically organizes your apps into categories and presents the most frequently used ones at the top. It simplifies the process of finding the desired app.
4. Live Text A remarkable feature of IOS 16 that allows you to highlight text within an image and copy and paste it on any file or use it to search for information.

The main benefits of IOS 16 are its user interface, AI-powered features that significantly enhance user experience, and easy app accessibility. Overall, IOS 16 positively impacts Apple’s brand image, making it the top in the technological game.

How to Change Home Screen Only on Ios 16


Customizing The Ios 16 Home Screen

The home screen of your iOS 16 device can be customized to give it a personalized touch. To access the home screen settings, tap and hold any app icon until the edit mode is enabled. Changing the wallpaper is a basic way to customize the home screen. Go to Settings, tap Wallpaper and then select Choose a New Wallpaper. To change the app icons, you can download customized icons from the App Store. You can also create your own customized icons using image editing tools. Rearranging app icons is easy. Just tap and hold any app icon until it starts jiggling and drag it to the desired location. Creating app folders can help you organize your apps. Tap and hold an app icon, drag it on top of another app and release to create a folder. Lastly, you can add widgets by tapping and holding anywhere on the home screen until the widgets appear.

Tips And Tricks

Learn how to customize your iPhone home screen by changing its appearance on iOS 16 with these tips and tricks. From creating custom app icons to selecting unique wallpaper, take your iPhone customization to the next level with these simple steps.

To change your home screen on iOS 16, consider using third-party apps such as Widgetsmith and Color Widgets. These apps provide customizable widgets and allow you to create shortcuts to your favorite apps and contacts on your home screen. Additionally, you can back up your home screen layout through iCloud or in iTunes, which is useful when upgrading to a new device or to easily revert your home screen to a previous layout.

Pros Cons
– Customizable widgets
– Create shortcuts
– Back up home screen layout
– Some third-party apps may not be free
How to Change Home Screen Only on Ios 16



To sum up, changing the home screen on iOS 16 isn’t rocket science. With easy-to-follow steps and a bit of patience, you can quickly give your phone a fresh new look. It’s essential to experiment with different layouts and wallpapers until you find the one that suits your taste.

Once you’ve customized your home screen, ensure that you save your changes, so you don’t lose them even after reboots. By personalizing your iPhone, it becomes more comfortable, more fun, and easier to navigate.

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