How to Change Ios 16 Notifications Back to Normal

To change iOS 16 notifications back to normal, go to Settings, select Notifications, and adjust the settings to your preference. If you’ve recently updated your iOS to version 16 and found that your notifications have changed, you’re not alone.

Apple has made some changes to the way notifications look and behave in this update. While some users may prefer the new format, others may find it confusing or unnecessary. Fortunately, it’s easy to change iOS 16 notifications back to normal.

We’ll walk you through the steps to adjust your notification settings so that they look and work the way you want them to. Whether you’re looking to turn off notification summaries, change the notification style, or customize your app-specific settings, we’ve got you covered.

How to Change Ios 16 Notifications Back to Normal


Ios 16 Notification Changes

Ios 16 Notification Changes

The latest iOS 16 update brings a redesigned notification style, which can cause confusion to some users. To change the notification style back to the normal setting:

Redesigned Notification Style

By default, iOS 16 displays notifications in larger, stacked cards instead of the previous banner style. To revert to the old banner style:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Tap on an app in the list
  3. Select “Notification Grouping”
  4. Choose the “By App” option

This will group the notifications by app and display them as banners again, similar to the previous iOS versions.

Group Notifications

In iOS 16, notifications are also grouped automatically based on their app and topic. Users can customize how these notifications are grouped:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Choose an app in the list that has grouped notifications
  3. Tap “Stacks & Bundles”
  4. Select “Automatic” or “Off” to disable automatic grouping
Scheduled Summary Notifications

Another new feature in iOS 16 is the “Scheduled Summary” notifications. These notifications group all of the day’s notifications together and deliver them at a designated time. To turn off scheduled summary notifications:

  1. Go to Settings > Focus
  2. Tap on the desired Focus mode
  3. Scroll down to “Scheduled Summary”
  4. Select “Off” to turn off the scheduled summary notifications for that Focus mode

With these tips, you can easily change the iOS 16 notification settings back to the normal style and customize your notifications to your liking.

How to Change Ios 16 Notifications Back to Normal


Issues With Ios 16 Notifications

If you are an IOS user, you may have noticed some changes with the notifications after upgrading to IOS 16. Some users have reported overwhelming notifications, and it became difficult to identify notification priority. In this case, it is essential to know how to change your IOS 16 notifications back to normal.

Notifications Overwhelming

One of the most common issues with IOS 16 notifications is that they become overwhelming. This can be frustrating as it makes it challenging to keep track of necessary notifications from less important ones. To stop this, you can turn off notifications for non-essential apps or mute group chat notifications.

Difficulty In Identifying Notification Priority

IOS 16 notifications come with an updated design, including larger icons and contact photos, which can make it challenging to identify notification priority. To solve this, go to Settings, then Notifications, select an app, and adjust the notification style to regular or compact. Another solution is to adjust notification grouping to “by app” instead of “automatic”.

Summary Notifications Timing

IOS 16 notifications can also be delayed, making it difficult to take timely action. To avoid this delay, make sure that your device is not on low power mode and that your network connection is stable. You can also try restarting your device or resetting network settings to fix the notification delay.

Changing Back To Normal Notifications

If you recently updated your iPhone to iOS 15 and are having trouble adjusting to the new notification settings, you’re not alone. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off some of the more annoying features and customize notifications to fit your preferences.

Turning Off Scheduled Summary Notifications

If you want to turn off the scheduled summary notifications that combine all of your notifications into one large notification, simply go to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary and toggle it off. This will prevent those notifications from appearing on your lock screen or in your notifications center.

Disabling Group Notifications

If you find group notifications overwhelming, you can disable them by going to Settings > Notifications > App > Notification Grouping and select “By App” instead of “Automatic.” This way, you’ll receive individual notifications for each message rather than a group notification.

Customizing Notifications

If you want to customize notifications for individual apps, go to Settings > Notifications > App and select the app you want to customize. From here, you can turn notifications on or off, choose the notification style, and select the alert sound you want to hear.

Steps To Customize Notifications

To change iOS 16 notifications back to normal:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Choose the app to customize.
  • Toggle notification settings as per requirement.

Customizing notifications on your iOS 16 devices can ensure that you only receive alerts for the things that matter most to you. By following the above steps, you can easily tailor your notifications to meet your needs and get the most out of your device.

How to Change Ios 16 Notifications Back to Normal



To wrap it up, changing your iOS 16 notifications back to normal is a simple process. With just a few clicks, you can adjust your notification settings to customize your alerts as per your preference. We hope this blog post has helped you in learning about the various notification types and settings available on your iOS device.

Remember to stay updated with the latest iOS releases for new features and benefits. Happy customizing!

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