How to Change Windows 10 Startup Sound?

To change the Windows 10 startup sound, open the Control Panel and select “Sound.” Under “Sounds,” there will be a list of sounds that are used in various situations. Scroll down to find “Windows Logon” under “Program Events.”

Select it and click on the drop-down box next to it. This allows you to choose from one of the preset startup sounds or browse for your own custom sound file. Once you have selected your desired sound, click Apply then OK and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

To revert this process, simply follow these steps again but select back “Default Beep” as the Windows Logon sound.

  • Step 1: Open the Start menu and type “Control Panel” in the search bar
  • Click on “Control Panel” when it appears in the results
  • Step 2: Select “Sound” from the list of options on the Control Panel window
  • Step 3: On the Sound window, select Sounds tab at top of window
  • Windows will display all available sound events that can be changed or customized
  • Look for “Start Windows” under Program Events section and click on it once to highlight this event
  • Step 4: In right pane, click Browse button beside Sounds field to open a new dialog box which contains your system’s audio files library by default; though you may also choose any other media file stored elsewhere as your startup sound if you want to do so by clicking drop down arrow next to Play button below Library header and selecting location from where you want to pick up audio file from e
  • , Documents or Music folder etc
  • Step 5: Finally, select desired sound file that is meant for Windows 10 startup sound (e
  • , chimes) and press OK twice till you are back on Sound settings Window with newly chosen SFX playing in preview section above Apply/OK buttons; just press Apply followed by OK buttons there then close all windows afterwards – and now reboot Windows 10 PC / laptop machine as well as enjoy brand new startup tone!

How Do I Change the Startup And Shutdown Sound in Windows 10?

Changing the startup and shutdown sound in Windows 10 is a great way to personalize your computer experience. The default sound for starting up or shutting down can quickly become annoying, so here’s how you can easily change it. First, press Windows+R on your keyboard to open the ‘Run’ dialogue box.

Type “control /name Microsoft.Sound” into the box and click ‘OK’ or hit enter on your keyboard. This will take you directly to the Sound settings page where you can adjust different audio options including startup and shutdown sounds. Scroll through the list of available sounds until you find one that suits your preferences and then select it by clicking on it once; this should automatically set it as both your startup and shutdown sound.

Once done, simply save any changes made by hitting Apply at the bottom right-hand corner of the window before closing out of all windows opened during this process – just like that, you have successfully changed both your startup and shutdown sound!

How Do I Make a Custom Boot Sound in Windows 10?

If you’re looking for a fun way to personalize your Windows 10 experience, customizing your boot sound is a great place to start. The process is actually quite simple and straightforward. All you need is the sound file of your choice in .

WAV format and access to the Control Panel. First, locate or create an audio file that you’d like as your boot sound: it can be anything from music, to a short clip, or even just a single tone. Make sure this file has been saved in WAV format before continuing with the next steps.

Next, open up the Control Panel on your computer by going into Settings > System > Sound > Sounds tab. This will bring up all of the existing sounds associated with various system operations such as log-in/log-off notifications and more. Scroll down until you find “Start Windows” which should have its own designated audio already set up; select it then hit “Browse” to choose the audio file that you created or obtained earlier instead of what was previously there (it may be necessary for some users to click “Browse All Files…” if they cannot see their newly selected files immediately).

Choose whichever one works best for you here and then press Open afterwards; now when restarting or shutting down your PC it should play whatever sound was chosen instead! You now know how easy it is make custom boot sounds on Windows 10 — go ahead and get creative while making yours truly stand out from everyone else’s! Enjoy!

How Do I Customize Windows 10 Sounds?

If you’re looking to customize the sounds of your Windows 10 experience, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your computer is exactly as noisy or quiet as you’d like it. The first step is to open up the ‘Sounds’ window in Control Panel, which can be found by typing “sounds” into the search box. From here, you’ll have access to all of your system’s sound settings and audio devices.

You can choose from a range of pre-installed Windows 10 sound schemes or create one yourself; simply select ‘Sound Scheme’, click on ‘save current scheme’ and name it whatever you want. Additionally, if you want more control over individual sounds such as mouse clicks or notifications, go ahead and use the ‘Program Events’ dropdown menu. Here, each event has its own set of customizable options so feel free to give each one its own unique sound!

Finally, if there are any specific apps that seem too loud for your liking (or too quiet!), head on over to their volume sliders in Taskbar Volume Mixer – this will allow for further personalization without altering other programs’ volumes at all. With these easy steps taken care of – voila! Your Windows 10 experience now features customized sounds that suit just what you need and no more than that!

How Do I Make My Computer Say Welcome Message at Startup?

If you are looking for a way to make your computer say a custom welcome message at startup, there is an easy process that will allow you to do this. First, create the welcome message in any text editor and save it as a .wav file.

Then, go into the Windows Control Panel and choose “Sounds” from the list of options. On the Sounds tab, select “Startup” from the Program Events menu and click on Browse to locate your saved .wav file with your welcome message.

Finally, checkmark Play Windows Start-up sound under Sound Scheme and then click Apply/OK to save these settings. Once done, every time you restart your computer or laptop it will play whatever audio files you have set up in this control panel setting – including your customized welcome message!

Where is the Windows 10 Startup Sound Stored?

The Windows 10 startup sound is stored in the Windows/Media folder, located at C:\Windows\Media. This is the same location where all other sounds used by Windows are stored. The file name of the startup sound is “Windows Welcome Sound,” and it can be found within a subfolder named “Windows.”

Although you could open this sound file directly with any compatible media player, Microsoft recommends that you don’t modify or delete this file as doing so might cause problems with your computer’s audio settings or performance. If you’d like to replace the default startup sound on your machine, simply create a new .wav audio file with any desired content, then save it in the same location as mentioned above – but make sure to rename it “Windows Welcome Sound” exactly for it to take effect when starting up your PC!

How Do I Turn on Windows Startup Sound?

If you want to turn on the Windows startup sound, it is quite simple. All you need to do is open the Control Panel, navigate to Sound Settings and then select Sounds from the list of options. Under Program Events scroll down until you find ‘Windows Logon’ or ‘Startup’ and click ‘Browse…’.

Select a sound file that you would like to be played when your computer boots up (this should be a WAV file) and then click OK or Apply. You can also optionally adjust the volume at which this sound will play using the slider next to it. Once finished, reboot your computer for changes to take effect and enjoy having some fun with your new custom startup sound!

How to Change the Startup Sound in Windows 10

Startup Sound Changer

Startup Sound Changer is a free utility software that allows you to customize the startup sound of your computer. It supports a wide range of audio formats, from WAV and MP3 files to MIDI tunes and Windows system sounds. With this tool, you can create unique boot up sounds for your PC no matter what operating system it runs on.

The application also provides an easy-to-use interface with clear instructions so anyone can quickly set the desired startup sound without any hassle or technical know-how.


Changing the Windows 10 startup sound is a great way to personalize your PC and make it feel more like yours. With just a few clicks you can easily customize the sound of your computer to match your own taste. Whether you want something fun, nostalgic or unique, changing the Windows 10 startup sound is an easy and quick process that will add some life to your computer every time you turn it on.