How to Clear Clipboard Mac – Easy Tips For Beginners

While using an Apple computer, I was perplexed in the beginning. It, in fact, was not my cup of tea. I bought the device out of enthusiasm. And I did not know anything. Even, I did not have ideas about how to clear clipboard mac.

Gradually, I came to know everything. And, in this post, I will share my thoughts. With my fellow beginners.

Do you know what is a clipboard in mac? Or what are the steps to clear the clipboard?

Clear Clipboard Mac

If the answer is no, you are on the right tab. You will get a comprehensive idea here. Let’s start exploring the facts.

What is a clipboard?

A clipboard is a virtual place. It stores copied data, images, and other information. So, whenever you press “Ctrl” + “V,” you see the immediately copied data or information.

The clipboard stores the data in memory. And it remains available even after pasting it.

Why do you need to know how to clear clipboard mac?

Of course, technology has merits. But it has demerits too. For instance, you have just copied sensitive information. You do not want to expose the information to others.

But what if someone uses your computer? Pressing “Ctrl” + “V” will expose the data or information.

Surely, you do not want that to happen. Do you? Therefore, you need to know the process.

Further, when the clipboard is occupied, it consumes memory. If you copy any high-resolution image, the device may provide a slow performance. You may witness a slow internet browsing speed. Or the device may not respond instantly. Thus, it is necessary to clear the clipboard.

The processes

There are several processes available to clear the clipboard. But for your convenience, I will share only the two best effective methods.

Here they are.

Method 1

Replace the data:

You can easily replace the data on your Mac clipboard. This is a hassle-free way. And many of the experts prefer the method.

You need to copy anything. Did you get me?

Copy something. It could be a word, an image, or anything. Now, paste the copied content on a bank page. You can use the notepad as well for the purpose.

It will clear the earlier copied item.

Method 2

Complete clearing:

It is the second method. The process is easier too. But if you are a newbie, you may need to get some first-hand experience. Otherwise, you may not clear the copied items.

You need to restart your Mac using Terminal for this purpose.

At first, you have to click on an empty space on your Mac screen. You will get the “Finder” menu.

Now, click on “Edit.” You will have it on the Finder. Then, you have to click on “Show Clipboard.”

You can see the information or data stored on your clipboard.

It is time to restart your device. Restart it following the standard procedure. When your Mac restarts, check the clipboard again. You will find it empty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the clipboard located?

You can find the clipboard using the Finder. Basically, the clipboard is a virtual space and starts operating from the moment you switch on your Mac.

How to paste from the clipboard?

Pasting any data or information from the clipboard is simple. While using a Mac, you need to press the “Command” key with “V.”

Press them together, your clipboard information will be posted.

Is clearing the clipboard necessary?

Of course, it is necessary. Otherwise, you may experience some slow functioning of your device. Even the internet browser may work slowly too.

Can I move the screenshot to the clipboard?

Yes, you can. But to do that, you need to set the destination of the screenshot to the clipboard.

Last words

So, this was all for today on how to clear the clipboard mac. I Hope, the article injected the right ideas. And you can easily clear your clipboard in the future.

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