How to Connect Apple Tv Remote on Iphone?

To connect an Apple TV remote to your iPhone, you’ll need the Remote app from the App Store. Once it’s installed, open the app and make sure that both your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Tap Add a Device at the bottom of your screen on your iPhone and select Apple TV.

After doing so, hold down the Menu button on top of your remote until an icon appears in the center of its display. Open up Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from anywhere on its display, then tap AirPlay Mirroring -> Your device name -> Turn On AirPlay Mirroring.

Finally, enter in any verification code displayed on either device if prompted before returning to the Remote app where you should now see one or more devices listed under My Devices that can be controlled with this remote.

  • Step 1: Download the Apple TV Remote App on your iPhone. The app is available for free in the App Store
  • Step 2: Open the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone and choose Add an Apple TV or AirPlay Receiver, then select your Apple TV from the list
  • Step 3: Confirm that you see a four-digit code on both devices by pressing both buttons at once until they light up and confirm it with a sound
  • Step 4: Enter this code into your phone to pair them together and finish connecting the two devices

How Can I Use My Apple Tv Remote on My Iphone Without a Remote?

Using your Apple TV Remote on an iPhone without a physical remote is easier than you think. With the latest version of iOS, Apple has enabled users to control their Apple TVs using their iPhones or iPad’s.

All that needs to be done is downloading the free app from App Store called ‘Remote’ by apple and it will enable you to use your iPhone as a full-fledged replacement for the physical remote.

You can access all of the features such as navigating through menus, playing music and videos, entering text with the help of keyboard and much more. The app also supports Siri integration which allows you to search for movies/shows just by talking into your phone rather than typing in manually each time.

Overall, this feature makes life much easier if you have misplaced or lost your physical remote since now you don’t have to buy one again; instead just download this convenient app from App Store!

How Do I Pair My Apple Remote?

The Apple Remote is an incredibly useful device for controlling your Apple TV, iPad or Mac computer. It’s a great way to stream movies or play music from the comfort of your own home. But before you can enjoy all these features, you must first pair the remote with your device.

Fortunately, it’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes! First off, make sure both your Apple Remote and the device you want to control are powered on. Then open up Settings on the device and select “Remotes and Devices”.

Next select “Add New Device” which will put your device in pairing mode – this is indicated by a blinking light on most devices. Now press and hold down both Menu and Volume Up buttons at the same time until the LED indicator lights up solid green (it should take about 5 seconds). The pairing process is now complete!

If successful, the LED indicator will blink three times rapidly followed by one long pause before turning off completely; if unsuccessful, just try again until it works correctly.

Once paired successfully, you’ll be able to control everything from basic navigation commands like swiping left/right/up/down to advanced functions like fast-forwarding or rewinding videos using either Siri voice commands or physical buttons located on top of the remote itself – how cool is that?

How To Use The iPhone As An Apple TV Remote – Lost Apple TV 4K Remote

Apple Tv Remote App

The Apple TV Remote app is a great way to control your Apple TV from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It’s easy to use and provides access to all the features of your Apple TV, including navigating menus and playing content on the big screen. With this app you can turn your device into a remote and even use Siri voice commands for quick access to movies, shows, music, games, sports and more!


This blog post has provided a helpful, step-by-step guide to connecting an Apple TV remote with an iPhone. By following the instructions outlined in this post, you can easily establish a reliable connection between your devices and start enjoying all of the features that come with them.

With this new connection, you have access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu as well as games and other interactive content.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or just want to control your device from afar, pairing your Apple TV remote with your iPhone is sure to make things much simpler.

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