How to Connect to Internet on Samsung Smart Tv?

To connect to the internet on a Samsung Smart TV, first make sure that your television is connected to your home router either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. Once you have established this connection, open the Settings menu of your TV and select “Network”. Under Network settings, select “Network Status” and then choose “Start” if prompted.

If you are connecting wirelessly, enter the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password of your home router into the appropriate fields in order to establish a secure connection with it. If using an Ethernet cable, skip this step as no additional information will be required from you. After that’s done, press “OK” or “Test Connection” followed by selecting “IP Settings”.

Finally set up DNS Mode as Automatic and hit OK before exiting out of Settings menu altogether which completes the setup process for establishing an internet connection on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Step 1: Plug in your Samsung Smart TV to a power source and turn it on
  • Step 2: Select the “Menu” option from your remote control
  • Step 3: Scroll down until you see the “Network” icon and select it with your cursor
  • Step 4: Choose either “Wired” or “Wireless” connection depending on how you want to connect to the internet
  • If wired, plug an Ethernet cable into one of the available ports on your router, then proceed to Step 6
  • If wireless, move onto Step 5
  • Step 5 : Select “Wi-Fi Connection” from Network menu and choose any available Wi-Fi network from list of networks displayed by Samsung Smart TV
  • Enter password for selected network when prompted if needed
  • Step 6 : Once connected, press ‘OK’ button on remote controller to complete setup process

Why is My Internet Not Connecting to My Samsung Smart Tv?

If you’re having trouble connecting your Samsung Smart TV to the internet, there are several possible causes and solutions. First, make sure that all cables are securely connected from your router or modem to the TV, and check whether the source of connection is set correctly on your television. If everything looks okay but you still cannot connect to the internet, try restarting both devices (the TV and modem/router).

You should also check if your router settings allow access to DLNA media sharing or UPnP services as these may be required for certain applications on smart TVs. Additionally, double-check that any firewall settings on either device aren’t blocking connections between them; this can sometimes happen if you have recently changed networks or updated an antivirus program. In some cases a software update of the TV’s firmware may be needed in order for it to properly communicate with your network.

Finally, if none of these steps resolve the issue then contact customer service so they can provide assistance tailored specifically to your setup and needs.

How Do I Get My Samsung Smart Tv to Connect to the Internet?

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, chances are that you would like to connect it to the internet so that you can access all of your favorite streaming services and other web-based features. Fortunately, connecting your Samsung Smart TV to the internet is relatively simple and straightforward. First, make sure that your router is configured correctly for the connection type (including wireless) that you want to use on your television.

Then turn on both the router and television and locate an available network from either device’s settings page. Once connected, open up your Smart Hub interface by pressing the Home button on your remote control or tapping its icon in My Apps list. After signing into any required account information such as Netflix or YouTube accounts if applicable, simply browse through all of the available apps until you find one that interests you!

With some basic setup steps completed, now whenever you want to watch something online just search for what it is using voice commands or text inputs depending on which remote control type came with your set!

How Do I Connect My Smart Tv to the Internet?

Connecting your smart TV to the internet is actually quite simple. First, you’ll need an internet connection. You can connect your Smart TV either wirelessly or with a wired connection.

If you’re using a wireless connection, make sure that your router and modem are both switched on before attempting to connect. To do this, find the settings menu on your Smart TV and select “Network” from the list of options there. This will give you access to the network setup page which should show all available networks in your area (if any).

Select the one that matches up with yours, then enter any passwords or security codes if necessary. Once connected, many TVs will prompt you for an IP address — especially if it’s a wired connection — so be prepared to have that info handy as well! If everything goes smoothly after entering these credentials, congratulations—you now have an internet-connected Smart TV ready for streaming video and audio content!

How Do I Reset My Wi-Fi on My Samsung Smart Tv?

If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi on your Samsung smart TV, resetting the network settings may help. To do this, access the Settings menu and select Network. Select Reset Network under Advanced Settings.

You’ll be prompted to confirm whether or not you want to erase all saved networks and other settings related to your home’s wireless connection; select Yes if so. After a few moments, your device will restart automatically and display a message confirming that the reset was successful. Once complete, you can reconnect to your preferred network by entering its credentials in the appropriate fields when prompted by your device during setup.

How Do I Connect My Samsung Smart Tv to My Wi-Fi from My Phone?

Connecting your Samsung Smart TV to your Wi-Fi from your phone is a simple process. First, open the Settings Menu on your TV and navigate to the Network section. Then select “Network Setup” which will bring you to the Wireless setup screen.

From there, make sure that both devices are connected to the same network and enter in any passwords necessary for authentication. After this is done, you can then use either an Ethernet cable or connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth depending on what model of Samsung Smart TV you have. Once these steps are completed, simply launch the SmartThings app on both devices—your phone and TV—and follow the instructions in order to complete pairing between them.

Once everything has been set up properly, you should now be able to control various functions of your Samsung Smart TV through your smartphone without having to reach for a remote!

How Do I Connect My Samsung Tv to the Internet Without the Control?

If you have a Samsung TV but don’t have the remote control, connecting it to the internet can be tricky. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to get your TV connected without having to use a remote. First, make sure that your television is equipped with WiFi capability; if it doesn’t have built in wifi then you’ll need an external adapter such as an AppleTV or Chromecast device.

Next, open up the Network Settings on your television and select either Wireless or Wi-Fi Direct depending on which type of connection you want to create. Locate and enter your home network’s name (SSID) as well as any required password details before selecting Connect at the bottom of the page. If all goes according to plan, within minutes your Samsung TV should now be connected to the internet!

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

How to Browse Internet on Samsung Smart Tv

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can easily access the internet and browse your favorite websites. All you need to do is connect your television to the internet using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, open up the web browser app on your television’s home screen and enter in the website of your choice.

Some Samsung TVs even come with their own proprietary web browsers that allow you to access specific streaming services like Netflix without having to use another device. Enjoy!


By following these steps, you can easily connect to the internet on your Samsung Smart TV. Make sure that your router is compatible with the device and ensure that all cables are connected properly for best results. Once connected, you will be able to access a variety of online content from streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

With internet connection established, you can now enjoy endless entertainment options from the comfort of your own home!