How to Delete Pokemon Ultra Moon Saved File

To delete pokemon ultra moon saved file, go to the game’s main menu and press and hold up, b, and x buttons simultaneously. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to delete the saved file.

Pokemon ultra moon is an exciting game that many people play to pass the time. However, at a certain point, you may feel like you need to start from scratch for whatever reason. Perhaps you want to give your game to someone else, or maybe you just want to start from scratch and try a new strategy.

Whatever your reason may be, deleting your pokemon ultra moon saved file is relatively straightforward, as long as you know how. This article will give you a simple guide on how to delete your saved file in pokemon ultra moon.

Reason 1: Starting Fresh

Deleting your saved file in pokemon ultra moon might be the best decision you make. Starting fresh allows you to challenge yourself and experience a new adventure. Additionally, it’s essential to reset your progress if you want to replay the game or let someone else play using your console.

By doing this, you’ll avoid any conflicts or overlap in saved files. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to try different strategies and have a new experience in the game. In short, resetting progress in pokemon ultra moon is a vital part of the gaming experience, and it’s easy to do.

Reason 2: Multiple Users

It is important to create separate saved files when playing pokemon ultra moon with multiple users. Each user’s gameplay progress and preferences can vary significantly, necessitating the need for individual saved files. For instance, one user might prefer to explore every area and collect every pokemon, while another may want to focus on leveling up and training a single pokemon.

Having separate saved files allows each user to play the game at their own pace without interfering with each other’s progress. Additionally, it prevents the accidental deletion of one user’s progress when another user is trying to save their gameplay.

Overall, creating separate saved files is a crucial step for anyone who plans on sharing their game with others.

Reason 3: Freeing Up Space

Saved files can occupy a considerable amount of storage space on your device, and deleting them is crucial in freeing up space. When it comes to pokemon ultra moon saved files, they can range from a few hundred kilobytes to over a megabyte, depending on how far you have progressed in the game.

Therefore, deleting these files can help avoid low storage notifications and also improve your device’s performance. Moreover, freeing up storage space is essential for smooth functioning of your device and is thus important to maintain the overall health of your device.

So, follow these steps to delete your saved files and make space for new game files or other important data.

Step 1: Access Save Data

To delete your saved file in pokemon ultra moon, you should access the save data in the game menu. To do this, navigate to the game’s main menu and select “save. ” From there, choose “delete” and select the saved file you wish to delete.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion before it is complete. Keep in mind that once the file is deleted, it cannot be recovered. By following these simple steps, you can easily free up space on your gaming device or start a new game in pokemon ultra moon.

Step 2: Select Delete Save Data

To delete a saved file in pokemon ultra moon, follow these steps. After launching the game, scroll down on the title screen to select “delete save data. ” This will bring up a prompt asking if you wish to continue with the deletion.

Choose yes and your saved data will be gone forever. The game will then restart on the title screen, allowing you to start a new game. Keep in mind that this is a permanent decision, so make sure you’re ready to delete your progress before proceeding.

It’s a simple process, but it’s important to be cautious when dealing with saved data. Following this guide will help you delete your pokemon ultra moon saved file with ease.

Step 3: Confirm Deletion

Confirming the decision to delete saved data is critical when deleting your pokemon ultra moon game file. To confirm deletion, select “yes” on the “are you sure you want to delete the saved data? ” prompt. Taking this step is essential because it protects you from accidentally deleting game data and losing progress.

It also gives you the opportunity to change your mind before permanently deleting your saved data. Be sure to make a backup of your saved data before deletion and follow all instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes. Always confirm your decisions before proceeding with any actions that could have permanent consequences on your game progress.

Tip 1: Backup Your Saved File

Backing up your saved files is a crucial step before deleting them. You don’t want to lose your progress due to an unexpected issue or accidental deletion. Backing up your saved files can be done by transferring them to your pc or using cloud services such as dropbox or google drive.

These services offer secure storage for your files, and you can access them from anywhere. Once you have backed up your saved files, you can proceed to delete them from your game without any worries. Remember, by following this essential step, you can avoid losing your hard-earned progress and start fresh anytime you want.

Tip 2: Rename Your Saved File

Deleting a saved file in pokemon ultra moon can be quite frustrating, especially when it happens by accident. One way to avoid this is to rename your saved file. Renaming your saved file can help ensure that you do not accidentally delete it, and also helps to differentiate it from other saved files.

Here is a step by step guide on how to rename your saved file in pokemon ultra moon. Firstly, open the game and go to the main menu. Next, select the save icon and choose the saved file you want to rename.

Click on the options button and select the “rename” option. Finally, enter the new name for the saved file and click on “ok”. Following these steps will ensure that you do not accidentally delete your saved file and can continue to enjoy your pokemon ultra moon game without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Delete Pokemon Ultra Moon Saved File

How Do I Delete My Saved File In Pokemon Ultra Moon?

Go to the title screen, press up on the d-pad, x, and b simultaneously. Confirm the deletion process when prompted.

Can I Delete Individual Saved Files In Pokemon Ultra Moon?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete individual saved files. You have to delete the entire saved file from the title screen.

Will Deleting My Saved File In Pokemon Ultra Moon Affect My Nintendo Account?

No, deleting your saved file in pokemon ultra moon will not affect your nintendo account or any other saved games on your account.

How Do I Start A New Game In Pokemon Ultra Moon After Deleting Saved File?

After deleting the saved file, go back to the title screen and start a new game as you did the first time you played the game.

Can I Recover Deleted Saved Files In Pokemon Ultra Moon?

No, once you confirm the deletion process, your saved file will be gone permanently, and there is no way to recover it.


Deleting a saved game file can be daunting, but with the steps mentioned above, you can easily delete your pokemon ultra moon saved file. One thing you should keep in mind is that once you delete your saved file, all the data will be gone, and you won’t be able to restore it.

Therefore, it is essential to make a backup of your saved file before deleting it, especially if you have made significant progress in the game. Moreover, deleting a saved file can also help improve the game’s performance and reduce any potential bug issues.

So, if you are looking to start fresh or encounter any difficulties with your saved file, follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll easily be able to delete your pokemon ultra moon saved file. Happy gaming!