How to Delete Search History on Wish App – Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss

How to Delete Search History on Wish App – Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss:

So, you are Wish App user, right? Wish App. A leading app that allows you to reduce shopping hassles. But at times, the history of search makes the experience irritating. Thus, you want to know how to delete search history on wish app.

Well. In this post, you will get a comprehensive idea on this issue. Before exploring that, what if you get some additional information? Certainly, those would be of great use.

And will make your shopping experience smoother. So, let’s check them here.

What is Wish App?

This is an ordinary application. But the tasks it does are extraordinary.

Using this app, you can shop. From over 100 million products. And all the products are of high quality. On top of that, you will have a significant amount of discount.

The other types of apps do not provide this “discount” feature. Hence, this app is getting popularity among the global users. Particularly in some geographical locations.

What is Search History?

You want to know how to delete search history on wish app. But let’s rewind the facts. Search history is the place where your searches remain.

For instance, you searched for a wristwatch. The search options will remain on the cache of your app. And it will be shown in your search history. Similarly, you will have many more search information that you searched earlier.

Why You Need to Remove The Search History?

It is, in fact, highly irritating when things appear repeatedly. The history will show you what you searched for. It’s a type of reminder. But if you clear the search history, you will not have those suggestions.

How to Delete Search History on Wish App?

HDelete Search History on Wish App

The answer is a big “NO.”

There are no ways to delete the search history on Wish App. The app does not provide any option to clear the searches. Several other social platforms may allow you to delete the searches. Here, you will have no way at all.

But not to worry. Several ways are there to replace the searches. Here you will get some of those.

The hacks

Keep Searching

Searching for other items will help you get rid of this. When you will search for other elements, your search history will be replaced. It is a special way to replace your former searches.

When you will keep searching, your earlier history will have a change. Your app will forget the former searches. This non-conventional technique is truly helpful.

Discard Orders

Moreover, if you have orders, you have to remove them. The fact is that you have to remove the completed orders. Once you receive your product, remove the order from your app. Hence, it will not show the product in suggestion.


  • Open the Wish App
  • Find the order history
  • Select an order for deleting
  • Delete it

Interestingly, you can perform this function both from your mobile and desktop. The approaches are almost similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete search history on wish app?

Well. There are no direct ways to delete search history in Wish App. The app developers did not provide any such provisions. But if you want, you can replace the search history. And to do that, follow the instructions above.

Can I use Wish App on my desktop?

Though it is a mobile phone-based application, you can use it on your desktop. When you are using mobile phone, the usability is quicker. You need to download the app from playstore or appstore. And then, you have to install the app on your device.

The similar applies for the desktop. Download the app, install it. Log in using your id and password. And you know the rest.

How can I customize the app?

To some extent, you can customize the app. For instance, if you want, you can change your image. But you cannot change the logo or other images in the app. They are built-in. And they look smarter too.

So, there are less chances that you need a customization.

How can I purchase using Wish app?

The process of purchasing is easier. You need to check the product using your valid id and password. It is the first step.

Secondly, you have to place the order. The payment will be paid from your account balance.

And finally, you will get the product at your home. It may take a couple of days for the shipment.


It was all about how to delete search history on wish app. Hope, you get your answer. This particular app is highly useful for online purchase. Also, you will get a huge amount of discount for each products.

However, do not forget to share this post on your social platforms. Also, make comments on the comment box below. Share your thoughts. We will get back to you with our feedbacks.


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