How to Delete System32 Folder in Windows?

Deleting the system32 folder in windows is not recommended and could cause serious issues. It is not a simple process and requires advanced technical knowledge.

The system32 folder is an essential part of the windows operating system, containing critical files necessary for the system’s stability and security. However, some users may mistakenly attempt to delete this folder, thinking that it will improve their system’s performance.

Unfortunately, this action can result in permanent damage to the operating system, rendering the computer unusable. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid attempting to delete the system32 folder unless you are an advanced computer user who knows precisely what you are doing. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why you should not delete the system32 folder and what can happen if you try to do so.

The Mysterious System32 Folder In Windows

The system32 folder on windows is mysterious to many users. It plays a crucial role in managing system files and drivers, making them accessible to programs and applications. Despite its importance, numerous misconceptions abound about system32. One of the most common is the belief that it can be safely deleted to speed up a computer or fix errors.

This is not the case at all. In fact, deleting system32 can cause windows to crash and render the computer unusable. It’s important to protect this folder, as tampering with it can have serious consequences. By understanding the role of system32 and debunking the myths surrounding it, users can avoid making costly mistakes and ensure their computers run smoothly.

Why You Might Want To Delete System32 Folder In Windows

Deleting system32 folder in windows might seem appealing when you have encountered persistent issues. However, it is critical to know the risks before proceeding. Removing this folder could cause your computer to malfunction, preventing it from booting up. It contains essential system files required for windows to function correctly, and deleting them can cause permanent damage.

Some individuals choose to delete system32 to free-up storage space. But with the advanced technology of windows, such a step is unnecessary. Instead, use effective tools, such as disk cleanup, to manage the storage issue. Deleting this folder is not a recommended solution for quick fixes.

Rather, it should be left untouched as part of the operating system.

Preparing Your Computer For System32 Deletion

Before attempting to delete the system32 folder, it’s important to prepare your computer. Start by creating a backup of any important files to avoid losing data. Then, disable the system restore option to prevent any issues during the deletion process.

Before proceeding, ensure your computer is free of any virus or malware infections by running a scan with an updated antivirus software. Taking these steps can minimize the risk of damaging your system while attempting to delete the system32 folder.

Keep in mind that deleting this important folder can cause irreversible damage to your computer, so proceed with caution and only do so if absolutely necessary.

Methods For Deleting System32 Folder

Deleting the system32 folder in windows is not recommended as it is a critical system folder. However, under specific circumstances, you may need to delete it. We will discuss three methods to delete the system32 folder. The first method is using the command prompt.

To do this, you need to run command prompt as an administrator and enter a specific command. The second method is using powershell. For this method, you need to launch powershell as an administrator and enter a command. Lastly, you can use third-party software that specializes in deleting files and folders.

However, make sure to download them from a reliable source and scan the file for malware before using them.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Delete System32 Folder In Windows?

Is Deleting System32 Harmful To My Computer?

Deleting the system32 folder will severely damage your computer. It contains crucial system files that windows needs to function correctly. Removing the folder will cause your system to crash and render your computer useless.

How Do I Delete System32 On My Windows Pc?

It’s not recommended to delete the system32 folder. However, if you still want to proceed, you should first take ownership of the folder. Then, open an elevated command prompt and type “rd /s /q c:\windows\system32”. This will delete the folder and all its contents.

Can I Recover Files Deleted From System32?

Deleting files from the system32 folder is not reversible. You won’t be able to recover them. Your only option is to reinstall windows to restore any missing files or try using system recovery tools.

What Will Happen If I Rename System32 Instead Of Deleting It?

Renaming the system32 folder is a safer option than deleting it, as you can quickly restore it to its original state. However, renaming this folder can cause some programs to stop working correctly. You should avoid renaming this folder unless you know what you are doing.

Why Do Some Websites Advise Deleting System32?

Some websites may suggest deleting the system32 folder as a joke, but it can lead to serious consequences. It’s a dangerous practice that can harm your computer, and you should not attempt it. Always seek reliable sources for information related to your computer systems.


Deleting the system32 folder in windows is not an easy task and should be carried out with utmost care. It’s a system folder containing essential files required for the stable functioning of the os. It’s highly recommended not to delete it unless you have a deep understanding of windows os.

However, in some cases, deletion may be necessary for security reasons or to clean up the system. Therefore, we suggest backing up files before deleting the folder. In this blog post, we have provided you with various methods to delete the system32 folder, including using cmd, safe mode, and registry editor.

Further, we also provided some precautions and alternate solutions in case of deletion failure. We hope this guide will help you delete the system32 folder in windows safely and efficiently while avoiding any unwanted consequences.