How to Disable Wifi Calling on Android

To disable Wi-Fi Calling on Android, open the Settings app and go to ‘Connections’. Tap on ‘More Connection Settings’ and then tap ‘Wi-Fi Calling’. You can toggle off the switch next to the ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ option to turn it off.

As an alternative, you could also go directly into your phone’s network settings (usually found under Mobile networks in some phones) and disable Wi-Fi calling from there. Once this is done, a notification should appear confirming that Wi-Fi calling has been disabled. If not, you may need to restart your device as well for this change to take effect.

  • Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Android phone. You can find it in the App Drawer or by using the search bar located at the top of your home screen
  • Step 2: Tap on Connections and then select Wi-Fi Calling from the list
  • Step 3: Toggle off Wi-Fi calling to completely disable it, or tap Advanced for more options related to when you use this feature on different networks and devices
  • Step 4: Once you’ve made any desired changes, press Back twice to exit out of Settings and save your changes

How to turn off Wifi Calling on Android 2021

Why Can’T I Turn off Wi-Fi Calling on Android?

The ability to turn off Wi-Fi Calling on Android devices is dependent upon the manufacturer and carrier. If your device does not have an option to disable Wi-Fi calling, then it may not be supported by your phone or network provider. Additionally, some networks require you to enable Wi-Fi calling in order for you to use their services.

It’s important that you contact your network provider if you are unable to turn off Wi-Fi calling in order to confirm whether or not it is available for your device and make sure that any changes made won’t affect other features of the service.

How Do I Permanently Disable Wifi Calling?

In order to permanently disable WiFi calling, you will need to access the settings on your device and disable the feature. Depending on your device and operating system, this may be located in different places within Settings. On an Apple iPhone, for example, it can be found under Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling.

Once you locate the setting, simply toggle it off or select ‘Disable’ to turn off WiFi calling completely. If you are using an Android device, the location of this setting may vary depending on your make/model;

however it is usually under either Network & Internet or Phone Settings > Wi-Fi Calling. Be sure to save any changes you make before exiting out of these menus so that they take effect immediately.

What Happens If I Turn off Wifi Calling?

If you turn off WiFi calling, you will not be able to make or receive calls over a Wi-Fi connection. This means that if your cellular signal is weak or unavailable, you won’t have the option of using Wi-Fi as an alternative. Additionally, any services which are dependent on Wi-Fi calling such as visual voicemail and VoIP applications may cease to work properly.

It’s important to note that turning off Wi-Fi calling does not affect regular phone calls made with a cellular connection – it only affects those made via a wireless network.

How Do I Turn off Wifi Calling on My Samsung Galaxy?

To turn off WiFi calling on your Samsung Galaxy phone, go to the Settings app, select Connections and then tap on Wi-Fi Calling. From there you can toggle the slider next to Wi-Fi Calling Off. Once it is turned off, your device will no longer make or receive calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, if you have any other devices connected to the same WiFi network as your device with Wi-Fi calling enabled, they may also need to be disconnected so that they don’t interfere with incoming or outgoing calls.

Disable Wifi Calling Samsung

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you can easily disable Wi-Fi Calling if it is enabled. To do this, open your phone’s Settings app and navigate to the Connections tab. Scroll down until you find Wi-Fi Calling and toggle it off.

This will prevent incoming calls from being routed through your wireless network instead of using traditional cell towers. Additionally, disabling Wi-Fi Calling may help improve battery life as your device won’t be searching for an available network connection.


In conclusion, Wi-Fi Calling has become a very useful tool for Android users. However, if you’re looking to disable it on your device, the process is relatively straightforward and can be completed with just a few taps in your device settings. By disabling Wi-Fi calling, you can save battery life and data usage while improving call quality by relying on more reliable cellular networks instead.

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