How to Disconnect Hulu from Spotify

To disconnect hulu from spotify, follow these simple steps: go to your spotify account, select “account overview,” and then click “change or cancel. ” from there, select “cancel premium,” and then you will be prompted to disconnect your hulu account as well.

Many people enjoy the convenience of using both spotify and hulu together, but sometimes, it’s time to move on. Maybe you found a different streaming service, or perhaps you just want to separate your hulu and spotify accounts. Whatever your reasons may be, disconnecting hulu from spotify is a quick and easy process that anyone can do.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to take to disconnect your hulu account from spotify. Don’t worry, it’s a painless process, and you’ll still be able to enjoy all your favorite music and tv shows separately.

Understanding The Connection Between Hulu And Spotify

When it comes to online streaming services, many subscribers enjoy the convenience of interconnected accounts to access multiple platforms. One such integration is between spotify and hulu, which offer a discounted package for joint subscription. However, there may be several reasons why users choose to disconnect their hulu and spotify accounts.

It could be due to a change of preference or financial reasons, or perhaps they have found alternative services to satisfy their streaming needs. Whatever the reason, it is possible to easily disconnect the accounts by following a few simple steps.

By understanding the connection between hulu and spotify, users can effectively manage their subscriptions and access their preferred streaming services hassle-free.

Before You Disconnect

Disconnecting hulu from spotify requires some essential preparatory steps. Firstly backup your data, including your spotify playlists, album saves, and hulu viewing history. Then, navigate to your spotify account’s subscription page and follow the prompts to cancel your account subscription.

Finally, turn off the automatic renewal feature in your hulu account to ensure that you’re no longer being charged. Disconnecting hulu from spotify is a simple process as long as you follow each step correctly and don’t rush.

How To Disconnect Hulu From Spotify

Disconnecting hulu from spotify might seem like a complicated process, but don’t worry, it’s quite simple. The primary step is identifying account differences. Start by logging in to both accounts and ensuring they are not merged. Next, go to the “your services” section of your spotify account and click on “manage services.

” from there, find hulu then click on “cancel subscription. ” lastly, confirm the action and voila! You are done with the process. In case of any issues, simply repeat the process or get in touch with hulu or spotify’s customer support.

Now you can enjoy music and tv shows without distractions.


Disconnecting hulu from spotify can be a hassle, and it often leads to various issues. Some common problems include payment difficulties, unresponsive applications, and technical glitches. However, there are several steps that can be taken to resolve these issues. Firstly, ensure that you have canceled your hulu subscription and that your renewal date has passed.

Next, check if your spotify is linked to the same email address as your hulu. If not, connect them and try again. If you still face problems, troubleshoot your devices and check for any updates. This will often resolve most technical difficulties.

Finally, reach out to customer support if you face any persisting problems. With these tips in mind, you can effectively disconnect hulu from spotify without causing further issues.

After Disconnecting

After disconnecting, it’s important to confirm the disconnection to ensure you’re not getting billed for a service you’re no longer using. If you’d like to re-subscribe to either hulu or spotify, simply log back in and restart your membership. If you want to start fresh, you can delete all your data and accounts from both services.

This process is usually irreversible, so be sure before you delete everything. By following these steps, you can successfully disconnect hulu from spotify and move on to using each service separately.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Disconnect Hulu From Spotify

How Do I Disconnect Hulu From Spotify?

To disconnect hulu from spotify, log in to your spotify account and access the “your services” section. From there, click “remove” next to the hulu link and confirm the disconnection by following the prompts provided.

Can I Disconnect Hulu From Only One Device?

No, disconnecting hulu from spotify will remove access from all devices linked to your account. You will need to sign in to hulu and link a new subscription to your spotify account if you want to use it again.

What Happens To My Hulu Account After Disconnection?

If you only used hulu through your bundled spotify account, your hulu account will still exist but won’t be linked to your spotify account anymore. You can still use hulu by logging in or subscribing to an alternative plan.

Is There A Way To Disconnect Only Spotify From Hulu?

No, the two subscriptions are linked together as part of a bundle through spotify’s platform. You will need to remove the entire bundle to disconnect hulu from spotify.

Will I Lose Any Saved Data Or Personalized Settings After Disconnection?

No, disconnecting hulu from spotify won’t affect your accounts’ saved content or settings. Your personalized settings, watch history, and other saved data will remain untouched.


After following the steps above, you should be able to disconnect hulu from spotify account with ease. While the process might seem a bit overwhelming at first, it is a pretty straightforward process. Disassociating your hulu account from your spotify account is crucial, especially if you are no longer using both accounts.

It ensures that the two accounts are not linked, and you do not get charged for services you are not using. With our step-by-step guide, you can disconnect your hulu account from your spotify account in no time. By doing so, you will have full control over both accounts separately, and you can enjoy uninterrupted services from the platform of your choice.

Try out the steps and let us know how it goes!