How to Download All Photos From iCloud – 3 Steps Away! 

How to Download All Photos From iCloud – 3 Steps Away!

Are you an iPhone user? And worried about photos on iCloud?


This is a common issue with iPhone users. Often they feel the issue – the fear of losing photos. But if you know how to download all photos from icloud, the problem is solved.

In fact, your phone may get damaged. The worst is that you may lose it. Not to panic.

Easily, you can download all your photos. Also, you can store the photos on your computer. Or on any suitable place.

In this post, you will learn the way. Moreover, you will have some additional information. Hopefully, it would be a great learning for you.

Let’s start.

What is iCloud?

Do you have clear ideas on iCloud? If not, you can check it.

iCloud is the virtual storage of Apple. An iOS user can use this cloud to store photos, data, and other necessary information.

Initially, a user can have up to 5 GB storage for free. You will get it by default after opening an iCloud account. But you can add storage under certain plans. Paying for an extended space is a good option for many users.

Usually, iCloud store all the information like photos, contacts, memos, mails. And even messages. But most of the cases people use it to store their photos.

How to Download All Photos From iCloud?

Download All Photos From iCloud

Well. There are several ways to download all photos from iCloud. But I will share the most preferable one. It is – downloading the photos to your personal computer.

In this process, you will have less complexities. And also will take a short amount of time.

Therefore, let’s begin the exploration.

Step 1

As the first step, you need to open a web browser. There is no preference. You can open up anyone you want. Or prefer.

Then, you have to login into the iCloud. The website address is In this website, you have to enter your credentials.

To be more specific, you have to enter your iCloud ID and password.

Step 2

After logging in, you will get several options. All of them are familiar to you. You see them every day in your iPhone.

Click on the Photos – from the options.

It will lead you to the photos stored on iCloud. From the photos, you need to select those you want to download.

Step 3

You either can select a single photo or multiple photos. For multiple photo selection, you must press the Shift button.

Now, the images have been loaded. Now, click on the download option. You can have it on the upper right corner. Check the cloud with a down arrow. It’s the download sign in iCloud. Click on it.

You are done.

This, in fact, is a very simple process. You can follow it to download as many photos as you want.

Top Benefits of Using iCloud

There are several benefits of using iCloud service. But the lengthy texts may appear inappropriate. Hence, I am sharing the most important ones.


This is the most important aspect. You could be highly efficient and reduce your working hours. When you are using iCloud, it allows you freedom. You can work from anywhere of the world. Simply, you need an active internet connection and a computer.

Uploading the data on iCloud makes it possible. Now, you need not to carry all your documents.

Risk Reduction

Moreover, it reduces the risks of data loss. When you are using iCloud, your necessary information is stored. And they are secured as well. You need no worries about the data loss. Even if you lose your phone, you can recover the data.

Thereby, this is a risk-free way of data storing.

Wide Storage Capacity

Further, you need less worries about storage space. iCloud provides several options. You can adopt the options according to your needs. And from anywhere of the world. Usually, there is a specific by default storage.

Device Synchronization

Another impressive benefit is that you can synchronize your device. No matter if you change your device. Or if it is lost. Signing in with the same iCloud ID and password will retrieve them.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I download all photos from iCloud?

Well. This is a valid question. There is no “All Download” option available on iCloud. But not to worry. You can download all the photos. In this case, you need to follow manual option.

You have to select all the photos manually. Then you have to download them.

It is expected that the upcoming iCloud versions will have such option. So far, you need to get those manually. And that is not time consuming at all. Follow the instructions above. It will help you get the photos on your computer or any other web space.

After downloading, can I have the same resolution of the photos?

Sure. You will have the same resolution. But you need to check the formats. Make sure you have selected the right format before downloading.

Which types of files can I store in iCloud?

iCloud allows to upload almost all types of files. However, there is a limitation. You cannot store more than 50 GB files. Initially, you will get 5 GB for free. For your further needs, you have to rent the space in exchange of specific charge.

The files include your photos, data and other information.

How can I set iCloud drive on my phone?

iCloud is not supported on all types of phones. You must have an iPhone to use iCloud.

To set up iCloud, got to the “Settings” of your iPhone. From there, you will find the iCloud option. Tap on it. It will turn on iCloud. And the iCloud drive will be set on your phone.

It’s done!

Last words

So, you now know how to download all photos from icloud. The process is simple. You have to follow the method explained above.

Hopefully, it would not be a struggle for you anymore. Moreover, you also got some additional ideas. Apply them to keep your photos and other information secured.


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