How to Go Back on an Apple Tv Remote?

To go back on an Apple TV remote, press and hold the Menu button on the top of the remote. This will take you to a home screen where you can view your recently watched programs, featured apps, and other items. From here, you can use the arrow keys or touchpad to navigate menus and select options.

To return to a previous menu or app that was open before pressing the Menu button, press Play/Pause twice in quick succession while still holding down the Menu button. Doing this will take you directly back to wherever you were previously without having to navigate through each step manually again.

  • Locate the Menu button on your Apple TV remote: The menu button is usually located near the top of your Apple TV remote, and looks like a square with an arrow pointing up
  • Press and hold the Menu Button: When you press and hold down this button for several seconds, it will take you all the way back to your main home screen on your Apple TV
  • Select Your Previous Option: Once you are at the home screen, you can select any of the options that were previously available to get back to where you were before pressing and holding down the menu button

How Do I Navigate My Apple Tv Remote?

Navigating your Apple TV Remote is an essential part of getting the most out of your home entertainment setup. The remote itself is simple and intuitive to use, but understanding some of its capabilities can make it much easier to get around on your Apple TV. To begin with, there are three main buttons located at the top: Home, Menu and Siri Remote (or Play/Pause).

By pressing each one you can quickly access different aspects of the interface. For example, if you press Home you will be taken back to the main screen where all apps and channels are displayed; pressing Menu will open up a list of options specific to whatever app or channel you have selected; while Siri Remote allows you to talk directly into the remote in order to search for content or ask questions about what’s available on Apple TV. Additionally, there are several other buttons that control playback functions such as Rewind (left arrow), Fast Forward (right arrow), Volume Up/Down (+/-) and Mute/Unmute (the center circle in between them).

With these basic controls, navigating your Apple TV should be easy enough for anyone familiar with modern remotes.

How Do I Go Back an Episode on Apple Tv?

If you want to go back an episode on your Apple TV, the process is quite simple. First, make sure that you have the latest version of tvOS installed on your device. In order to access previous episodes, open up the Settings app and select General > Restrictions > Require Password.

Turn this option off so that you can freely navigate through past episodes without having to enter a password every time. Next, open up the show you’d like to watch or re-watch and hit play. Once it begins playing, press down on your remote’s touchpad while viewing the program until a new menu appears with options for “Previous Episode” and “Play from Beginning”.

Selecting Previous Episode will take you directly back one episode prior; selecting Play from Beginning will start at episode one of the series (or season). You can also use this same method if you are in need of skipping ahead multiple episodes as well!

Apple TV Remote: Everything You Need To Know

Apple Tv Remote Buttons Explained

The Apple TV remote is a great tool that allows you to control your Apple TV with ease. It features several buttons that can be used to navigate menus, access apps and more. The Menu button takes you back one level in the menu system while the Play/Pause button pauses or resumes content playback.

You can also use the Volume Up/Down buttons to adjust volume levels, and the Siri button lets you access voice commands quickly. The directional pad on the left side of the remote lets you move up, down, left and right within menus as well as select items with just one press of a key. With these simple but powerful buttons at your disposal, controlling your Apple TV has never been easier!


In conclusion, the steps to go back on an Apple TV remote are relatively simple. All you need to do is press the Menu button twice and this will allow you to return to the previous screen. If problems persist, try resetting your remote or unplugging your Apple TV for a few minutes before attempting again.

With these helpful tips, you can easily navigate your way around an Apple TV with ease!