How to Install Whatsapp on Iphone 6?

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone 6 and tap the “Search” tab. 2. Type in “Whatsapp” and press enter or search icon to find WhatsApp application. 3. Select the official WhatsApp app from the list of results by tapping it, then select “Get” followed by “Install”.

4. Enter your Apple ID password if required and wait for installation to complete successfully as indicated by a check mark appearing next to Whatsapp name in App Store page . 5. When completed, you will be able to launch Whatsapp from home screen just like any other installed app . 6. Launch Whatsapp and accept terms & conditions , then proceed with registration process which requires entering mobile phone number along with optional profile photo selection .

7 Verify your account using SMS sent code verification sent via text message , after successful verification you can start chatting right away !

  • Go to the App Store: On your iPhone 6, open the App Store app
  • Search for “WhatsApp”: In the search bar at the top of the page, type in “WhatsApp” and a number of results will appear below it
  • Select WhatsApp Messenger from Results: Find and select WhatsApp Messenger from among all of the results that are listed on this page (it should be one of the first few)
  • Download and Install WhatsApp: Tap Get/Install or Buy/Download next to WhatsApp Messenger on this page and wait for it to finish downloading onto your device before proceeding with installation steps
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  • Open Whatsapp after Installation is complete : Once you have finished installing Whatsapp, open up Whatsapp by tapping its icon on your home screen or in your list of apps

Is Whatsapp Discontinued on Iphone 6?

No, WhatsApp isn’t discontinued on the iPhone 6. In fact, you can still download and use the popular messaging app from Apple’s App Store. Although it does not support some of the newer features of iOS 10 and above, such as Siri integration or integrated calls with other iMessage users, you can still send and receive messages in a regular manner without any problems.

Moreover, if you have an older version of iPhone like 5s or SE then also WhatsApp is fully compatible with these devices so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues either. Whether you’re looking for simple texting capabilities or want to access advanced features like group chats, video conferencing or even audio calls over Wi-Fi or mobile networks – rest assured that WhatsApp will continue to work perfectly fine on your device!

How Do I Install Whatsapp on My Old Iphone?

If you have an old iPhone and want to install WhatsApp, the process is quite simple. First, make sure your device is updated to iOS 9 or higher as this version of the operating system is required for WhatsApp compatibility. Once your device has been updated, open up the App Store and search for “WhatsApp”.

Tap on the app icon in order to download and install it onto your phone. After installation is complete, all that’s left to do is log into your account with a valid phone number; once you’ve done so, you can start using WhatsApp just like any other messaging app! The entire process should take no more than a few minutes at most – easy peasy!

Whatsapp messenger install to iPhone 6, 6 plus

Whatsapp for Iphone 6 Plus

The WhatsApp messaging app is now available for the iPhone 6 Plus, allowing users to send text messages, photos and videos in a secure and convenient manner. The app’s features are tailored specifically for the larger display of Apple’s phablet device, making it easy to view conversations at a glance or chat with multiple people simultaneously. Furthermore, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption on all messages sent over its network so that your information remains safe.

With this update, iPhone 6 Plus owners can experience all the great features of one of the world’s most popular messaging apps.


By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you should now be able to successfully install WhatsApp on your iPhone 6. With this easy-to-use messaging app, you can quickly and easily communicate with friends and family from anywhere around the world. Whether you’re catching up on old conversations or making new ones, WhatsApp is a great way to connect with people near and far away.