How to Install Zosi Wireless Security Camera System

1. Unpack the Zosi Wireless Security Camera System and set aside all components, such as the cameras, power adapters, mounting brackets, etc.

2. Connect the camera to a power source using the provided adapter and mount it in your desired location using the included bracket or screws.

3. Download Zosi Smart app on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and create an account with a valid email address to log in (or use an existing one).

4. Open Zosi Smart app and select “+” to add new device by scanning QR code of each camera which is located at the bottom side of camera or type serial number manually if you can’t find it on the camera body.

5. Follow the instructions on the screen for the WiFi settings of the wireless security system .

6 Select the “START VIEW” button after all settings are done, and then you can view the live video remotely from anywhere anytime.

  • Unpack the Zosi Wireless Security Camera System: First, unpack the camera system components from their boxes
  • This should include a NVR (Network Video Recorder), power adapter for the NVR, four/eight wireless cameras and all necessary cables
  • Connect Cameras to Power Outlets: Next, you need to connect each camera to a power outlet using its appropriate power cable and adapter
  • Make sure that they are connected properly before proceeding further with installation process
  • Connect All Cameras To NVR: Now, you need to plug in each of your cameras into an available port on the back of your Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • The ports should be labeled according to which camera they are associated with so make sure that all connections correspond correctly when making them up
  • Attach Antenna To NVR & Cameras: After connecting all cameras securely, attach one antenna per device as well – i
  • , one antenna for both sides of your Network Video Recorder and one antenna for each individual camera unit if it came included with such accessories in the box package when purchased
  • 5 Install Software On Your Device: Once everything is plugged in properly, install software on either a computer or phone device by downloading it from official app store depending on what type of product you have purchased (i-phone/android etc
  • Log into this program using username & password provided along with purchase instructions manual and start setting up your security system preferences accordingly as per requirements

How Do I Setup My Zosi Wireless Security Camera?

Setting up a Zosi wireless security camera is a fairly simple process. First, you’ll need to connect the camera to power using the included adapter and plug it into an outlet. Then download and install the Zosi Smart app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Once installed, open the app and sign in with your account information or create one if you don’t have an existing account. Now tap on “Add Device” at the bottom of the screen, then select “Wireless IP Camera”. Follow the instructions onscreen to scan for all available cameras within range and select yours from there.

Finally, enter any necessary setup information such as Wi-Fi credentials before completing installation by tapping “Confirm”. That’s it! Your Zosi wireless security camera should now be properly set up for use.

How Do You Install a Wireless Security Camera?

Installing a wireless security camera is relatively easy, but it does require some setup and preparation beforehand.

First, you will need to find an appropriate location for the camera that offers clear line-of-sight with no obstructions.

Then you’ll need to plug in the power adapter and connect your camera to your router using either an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi signal.

After that, you can use the accompanying software from the manufacturer to configure your settings, such as motion detection areas and recording schedules.

Finally, once everything is set up properly, install any mounting hardware that comes with the camera so it stays securely in place!

How to Install Security Camera System Step by Step?

Installing a security camera system can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the process, but it is much more straightforward than one may think.

First, decide which type of cameras and how many you need for your space. Once selected, mount the cameras in appropriate locations around your home or business; this could include windows or doors to capture any suspicious activity.

Next, connect the cables from each camera to your recorder and power source(s). After all connections are made, configure your recording settings such as motion detection sensitivity and schedule recordings to best suit your needs.

Finally, check that all components are connected correctly before testing out the system by viewing real-time footage on an app or monitor screen.

With these steps followed properly, you will have a fully functioning security camera system up and running!

How Do I Connect My Zosi to Wireless Internet?

To connect your Zosi to a wireless internet connection, you will need to first make sure that your router is connected and broadcasting a signal. Once you have done this, open the Zosi app on your device and select ‘WiFi Configuration’ from the main menu. From here, enter in the SSID of your network, as well as its password if applicable.

Once these details are entered correctly, press ‘connect’ to establish a secure connection between your device and the network. Your Zosi should now be ready to use with a wireless internet connection!

Zosi Security Camera Setup

Setting up a Zosi Security Camera is an easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is plug the camera into your router or modem, download the free Zosi Smart app, then follow the on-screen instructions for camera setup. Once completed, you can view real-time footage from anywhere with an internet connection.

The app also allows you to customize settings such as motion detection sensitivity, recording schedule and alerts so that your home stays secure at all times.


In conclusion, installing a Zosi wireless security camera system is quick and easy. With the included instructions and helpful video tutorials, you can set up your security cameras in no time at all. Once installed, you will be able to monitor your home or business with ease to ensure the safety of those inside.