How to Kill Apps on Apple Tv?

1. On your Apple TV remote, press and hold the Home button until the app switcher appears on the screen.

2. Select an app you wish to kill from the list of recently used apps displayed in the top row of icons on your screen.

3. Swipe left or right to highlight an app then swipe up to close it off completely.

4. When prompted with “Do you want to delete this application?” select Delete App which will be highlighted in blue and confirm by pressing Yes if asked again for confirmation.

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 for each additional app that you would like to close down altogether from your Apple TV device memory.

  • On your Apple TV remote, press the “Menu” button twice quickly
  • This will bring up the App Switcher interface on your television screen
  • Scroll through the list of apps that are currently running and select the app you wish to kill by using the directional keys on your remote
  • Once you have selected an app, press and hold down the Play/Pause button on your remote for about two seconds until a red circle with a slash appears in place of the icon for that app in the App Switcher interface
  • When this occurs, release both buttons simultaneously — this will force quit or kill any running application at once

How Do I Kill an App on Apple TV?

Killing an app on Apple TV is very easy. You can simply press and hold the Home button on the Siri Remote until you see a list of your recently used apps. From here, navigate to the app that you want to close and swipe up with your finger, or click the touchpad depending on which remote model you are using.

This will force quit the app and take it off screen. To make sure that it has closed completely, select ‘Settings’ from your main menu then scroll down to ‘Applications’ where you should find a list of all installed applications.

Select any application to view its settings and if there is no option for closing it manually, this means that it has been shut down successfully!

How Do I Close And Reset Apps on Apple Tv?

Closing and resetting apps on Apple TV is an easy process that can be done in just a few steps.

First, open the app you want to close by pressing the touchpad on your Siri Remote or selecting it from the Home screen. Once inside of the app, press and hold down the Play/Pause button until a menu appears at the bottom of your screen with options to Quit or Cancel.

Select “Quit” to close out of that particular application and return back to the Home Screen.

If you would like to restart an app completely, simply select it from within the Home Screen again and then press and hold down both Menu (the button directly beneath) and Volume Up buttons simultaneously for about five seconds until a popup appears asking if you want to Reset this App? Choose Yes, confirm by clicking OK, and then wait as your Apple TV restarts that specific application with all its settings reverted back to their original defaults.

How Do I Kill Apple Apps?

Killing an Apple app is not easy, especially if you’re an inexperienced user. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can do it. The first way to kill an Apple app is by pressing the home button twice on your iOS device quickly.

This will bring up all of the apps running in the background and give you the opportunity to swipe them away one-by-one. If this doesn’t work for some reason, then another option would be to hold down on any icon until they start shaking and then tapping on the X icon at top left corner of each app that appears – this will close them as well.

Finally, if none of these options are successful or available, then it may be necessary to restart your device in order to clear out any problem apps from memory completely.

While killing Apple apps isn’t always straightforward or simple, following these steps should help ensure that whatever issue you were having with those troublesome programs will no longer exist going forward!

Apple TV 4K How to Close Apps!

How to Close Apps on Apple Tv With Phone

Closing apps on Apple TV using an iPhone is quick and easy. All you need to do is open the app switcher on your device, locate the app that you want to close, press and hold it for a few seconds, then select ‘close’ when the pop-up appears.

This will end any active sessions associated with the application, freeing up memory and ensuring that it won’t continue running in the background.


By following the steps outlined in this article, you should now know how to kill apps on your Apple TV. Although this process may seem a bit complicated at first, once you get used to it, killing apps on your Apple TV becomes quick and easy. We hope that this blog post was helpful for anyone looking for an easier way to manage their device’s memory and keep running apps up-to-date.

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