How to Make Felt Elephant Mobile?

This is a question I get asked a lot, so I wanted to write a quick blog post about it. Making a felt elephant mobile is actually pretty easy and only requires a few materials. You will need: felt, scissors, hot glue, string, and dowel rods.

To start, cut out your felt pieces. You will need two body pieces, two ear pieces, four leg pieces, and a trunk piece. Hot glue the trunk onto one of the body pieces.

Then hot glue the ears onto the top of the head. Next, take your four leg pieces and glue them onto the bottom of the body piece (two on each side).

Elephant DIY Baby Mobile Felt Plush DIY Tutorial

  • Decide how large you want your mobile to be and cut out two elephant shapes from felt using template below
  • Make sure the elephants are mirror images of each other
  • With right sides together, sew around the outside edge of each elephant, leaving a small opening at the bottom for turning
  • Clip curves if necessary
  • Turn each elephant right side out and stuff with polyester fiberfill until plump
  • Slipstitch openings closed
  • Cut a 10-inch length of fishing line or thread and knot one end around the top of one elephant’s head
  • Repeat with remaining piece of fishing line on other elephant’s head
  • Suspend elephants from desired location using clear monofilament or fishing line threaded through the tops of their heads

Felt Elephant Pattern Free

This felt elephant pattern is so stinkin’ cute and easy to follow! I love how it turned out- it’s the perfect size for little hands to carry around. What you need:

-White, light grey, and dark grey felt (I used 9”x12” sheets from Joann) -Scissors -Hot glue gun & glue sticks

How to Make Felt Elephant Mobile?


What Do You Need to Make a Felt Mobile?

To make a felt mobile, you will need: -A piece of thick cardboard or cardstock -Scissors

-Tape -Glue -A selection of felt in various colors and patterns

-String or yarn -Decorative items such as beads, sequins, etc. (optional) First, cut out a circular or other shape from the cardboard.

This will be the base of your mobile. Then, cut out smaller shapes from the felt to create the individual elements of your design. Once you have all your pieces ready, start attaching them to the base with tape or glue.

You can also use string or yarn to suspend them in midair. Finally, add any decorative touches you like before displaying your finished mobile!

How Do You Make a Baby Mobile?

There are a few different ways that you can make a baby mobile. One way is to purchase a mobile kit from a store or online, which will come with all of the necessary materials and instructions. Another way is to repurpose an old toy or other object by attaching it to a string or piece of ribbon and suspending it from the ceiling.

If you are feeling creative, you could also make your own mobile out of paper, felt, or fabric scraps. When making your own mobile, it is important to keep in mind that babies should never be left unattended with a mobile, as there is potential for strangulation or choking hazards. Always place the mobile out of reach of baby’s hands and never leave them unsupervised while using it.

How Do You Hang Felt on a Mobile?

One of the best ways to add some personality to a room is by hanging a mobile. And one of the best materials you can use for a mobile is felt! Felt is lightweight, comes in lots of fun colors and patterns, and is easy to work with.

Here’s how to hang felt on a mobile: You’ll need: -Felt in various colors and/or patterns

-Scissors -Glue (I like using a hot glue gun) -A hanger or hoop for your mobile base

-Optional: pom poms, beads, sequins, etc. for decoration 1. Start by cutting out shapes from your felt. You can freehand these or use templates if you want more precise shapes.

Just make sure that all of your pieces are roughly the same size so that they’ll be balanced when hung up. 2. Once you have all of your shapes cut out, it’s time to start gluing them onto your hanger or hoop base. I like to start with the biggest pieces first and then fill in with smaller ones around them until the whole thing is covered.

But feel free to get creative here – there’s no wrong way to do this! 3. Once all of your pieces are glued on, it’s time to decorate if you want. This step is totally optional, but adding some pom poms or beads can really take your mobile up a notch!

4. And that’s it!


This blog post walks you through the steps of making an elephant mobile out of felt. You will need some basic sewing supplies and a few pieces of felt in different colors. The author provides step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos for cutting and sewing the felt pieces together.

Once your elephants are assembled, you can add them to a mobile frame or string them up on their own. These make cute decorations for a nursery or child’s bedroom.