How to Open Temp Files on Android

temp files are created when an app is running on your android device. they are stored in the cache and often take up space on your phone or tablet. if you want to view these files, you can do so by opening the file manager app and navigating to the “cache” folder.

temp files will usually be labelled with the name of the app that created them.

  • Open the “My Files” app on your Android phone
  • Tap on the “Internal storage” option
  • Find the “Temp” folder and tap on it
  • All of the temp files will be displayed here
  • Tap on a file to open it

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How Do I Open a Tmp File on Android?

A TMP file is a temporary file that is created by a computer program to store data. The data in a TMP file may be deleted when the program closes or when the computer reboots. To open a TMP file on Android, you will need an app that can open files of this type.

One such app is File Viewer for Android, which is available for free on the Google Play Store. Once you have installed and opened File Viewer for Android, tap the “Browse” button and navigate to the location of your TMP file. Tap the file to select it, then tap the “View” button to view its contents.

How Do I Open a Temp File?

A temporary file is a type of computer file used to store data that is temporarily needed but not permanently stored. Temporary files are often created by computer programs to store data while the program is running. Many operating systems automatically delete temporary files when they are no longer needed or when the system restarts.

However, sometimes temporary files are not deleted and can take up space on a drive, which can eventually lead to problems if too many accumulate. For this reason, it is generally good practice to periodically delete unused temporary files. There are several ways to open temp files depending on the operating system being used:

Windows: 1) Click Start, then search for %temp% in the search bar. This will open the Temp folder containing all temp files currently on the computer.

2) Right-click on the desired file and select Open With from the drop-down menu. Choose the program you want to use to open the file from the list of options or browse for it if it’s not listed. 3) If you just want to view the contents of the file without opening it in a program, double-click on it and select a text editor like Notepad from the list of programs that come up.

macOS: 1) Go to Finder and press Command+Shift+G (or choose Go > Go To Folder in Finder’s menu bar). This will open a “Go To The Folder” dialogue box.

2) Type /private/var/folders into this box and hit Enter. This will take you to macOS’ hidden tmp directory where all temp files are stored.

Where are Temp Files Stored in Android?

Temp files are stored in the /data/local/tmp directory on Android. These temp files are typically created by apps when they need to store data temporarily. For example, an app may create a temp file when it is downloading something from the internet.

Once the download is complete, the app can then delete the temp file.

What is Tmp File in Android?

TMP files are temporary files created by apps on Android devices. They are typically used to store data that the app is working on and don’t need to be saved permanently. Once the app is finished using the TMP file, it is usually deleted.

However, sometimes these files can get left behind and take up space on your device. If you see a TMP file taking up space on your Android device, you can safely delete it.

How to Open Temp Files on Android


How to Play Tmp Video File on Android

Are you trying to play a .tmp video file on your Android phone or tablet? If so, you may be wondering why it’s not working.

After all, Android is supposed to be able to play most video formats. The thing is, .tmp files are temporary files that are created when a video is being downloaded or processed.

They’re not meant to be played as actual video files. So if you’re trying to play a .tmp file on your Android device, you’ll need to use a third-party app that can process these types of files.

We recommend using the VLC for Android app, which is free and available on the Google Play Store. Once you have VLC installed, simply open the app and navigate to the location of your .tmp file.

VLC will then process the file and allow you to watch the video.


If you’re looking for a way to open temp files on your Android device, there are a few different methods you can try. One option is to use a file manager app, such as Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer. These apps will allow you to browse the files stored on your device, including any temp files that may be present.

Another option is to use a dedicated temp file viewer app. There are a few different apps available on the Play Store that can view temp files, such as Temp File Viewer and Temp File Explorer. Once installed, simply launch the app and browse through the available temp files.

Finally, if you’re having trouble locating temp files on your device, you can always try searching for them using a file explorer app. Simply launch the app and search for *.tmp or .

temp extension. This should bring up any temp files that are present on your device.