How to Remove Captions on Samsung Tv?

To remove captions on a Samsung TV, first press the menu button on the remote and select ‘Setup’. Select Caption Settings from the Setup menu. Then navigate to Subtitle Language and turn off any subtitle language that is enabled.

Next go to Closed Captions+ and turn it off as well. Finally, save your settings by pressing OK twice or selecting Yes when prompted. This should completely disable all closed captioning options for your TV’s display.

If you need to enable them again in the future, repeat these steps and choose Enable for each of the mentioned settings.

  • Power on your Samsung TV and press the “Menu” button on the remote control
  • Navigate to “Settings” using the arrow keys on the remote and press “Enter” to select it
  • Select “Accessibility” from the Settings menu, then choose “Caption” with the arrow buttons and press “Enter”
  • Highlight “Off” in Caption Mode by pressing left or right arrows, then press “Enter” again to confirm selection of off mode for captioning
  • Exit out of settings by pressing ‘Menu’ button twice or when you see a confirmation message that says Captions are now turned off, whichever comes first

Why Can’T I Turn off the Captions on My Samsung Tv?

If you’ve recently purchased a Samsung TV and are having trouble turning off the captions, then don’t worry – you’re not alone. This is a common issue among many Samsung users, especially if they want to watch movies or shows without subtitles. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out why this is happening and how to disable the captions on your device.

There are several potential causes for this problem, including incorrect settings in the TV menu, an outdated firmware version of the TV software or even interference from third-party devices connected to your television set. Whatever the reason might be behind why you can’t turn off the captions on your Samsung TV, we’ll help guide you through troubleshooting so that you can get back to watching all your favourite content with no distractions!

How Do I Get Closed Caption off My Tv?

If you’re trying to get Closed Captioning off your TV, it’s actually quite simple. First, start by pressing the Menu button on your remote control and then select Settings. From there you will want to scroll down until you find the option for Closed Captioning or Subtitles.

Once found, simply turn this option off by selecting it with your remote control arrow keys and pressing OK. Depending on what model of television you have, there may be a few other options related to closed captioning that can be adjusted as well such as font size and color. If so, feel free to adjust these settings accordingly before saving the changes made in order for them to take effect properly – otherwise just leave everything else at its default setting and move onto verifying that Closed Caption is now disabled from appearing onscreen when watching media content.

What Button on Tv Remote is Subtitles?

The subtitles button on a TV remote is usually designated by the letter “T” or an icon of two lines with words between them. This button is used to enable or disable subtitles when watching movies and programs where they are available. When enabled, subtitles can be displayed in either the same language as the audio track, or another language that has been translated and provided by the broadcaster.

Subtitles may also be used to provide additional information about what is happening on-screen for people who are hearing impaired. Depending on your television model, you may need to adjust some settings before you can begin using subtitles; but once that’s done, simply press the T button whenever needed!

How Do I Move Captions on My Samsung Smart Tv?

If you’re looking to move captions on your Samsung Smart TV, the process is quite simple. First, make sure that your television is turned on and that it’s connected to the correct input. Next, locate the Caption menu by pressing the Menu button on your remote control and navigating to System > Accessibility > Caption Settings.

Here you can adjust a variety of settings related to captioning such as font size, color and background opacity. If necessary, you can also toggle between different types of captioning like Closed Captions or Digital Captions (which may be required depending upon which type of cable box or satellite receiver you have). Finally, when all changes are made simply hit OK or Exit at the bottom of this page and enjoy watching shows with improved accessibility options!

How to Turn on Closed Caption on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Tv Subtitles Won’T Turn off

If you have a Samsung TV and are having trouble turning off the subtitles, there are few steps that can help. First, try navigating to the subtitle menu on your TV’s settings page and look for an option to disable or turn off the subtitles. If this doesn’t work, then try connecting to another device such as a DVD player which may give you more control over the subtitle settings.

Finally, if all else fails, contact Samsung directly or visit their website where they may be able to provide support specific to your model of television.


In conclusion, removing captions from your Samsung TV is a relatively easy process. With just a few clicks of the remote, you can quickly and easily disable captioning on all of your favorite programs. Whether you are watching news, sports or movies, turning off captions will ensure that no important dialogue is missed due to the text being displayed at the bottom of the screen.

With this knowledge in hand, now you can enjoy your favorite programs without any distractions!