How to Reopen Closed Window in Chrome and Firefox Browser?

Want to know how to reopen closed window? Well. That is simple. And my answer may make you surprised. Because it is too easy to perform. Most of the cases, people close windows accidentally. And it happens when they browse internet.

How to Reopen Closed Window

They may close the browser window. Also, they can close ordinary window as well when they operate computers. And I shall create a post on this particular issue. Some other day.

Now, let’s discuss how to reopen a closed window.

Notto panic. After you know everything, you will feel better. And, be able to open a closed window in an internet browser.

How to reopen a closed window?

Generally, a tab may be closed when you have multiple tabs open. So, accidentally, you may close a tab. And may get panicked.

Also, you may start thinking about negative consequences, right?

So, you must follow the process below.

The ways

After closing a tab, click on the bar of your browser. If it is Chrome browser, do the same. After clicking, you will find several options.

Click on the “Reopen Closed Tab” option. It will restore the closed tab.

How to Reopen Closed Window

Alternative 1

There are two alternatives as well. The first one is – using a shortcut key.

The shortcut key is – “Ctrl + Shift + T.” It will immediately reopen the closed tab.

How to Reopen Closed Window

Alternative 2

Secondly, you can check the History of the browser. Press “Ctrl + H.” It will show you the history. And you will get a list of pages you visited so far. From the list, you can restore the one that you need.

How to Reopen Closed Window

Let’s talk about something else. Most of the web browsers have options to restore pages. The option allows you to open all the tabs that you opened for the last time. Under this process, you can get back the tabs (pages) of your previous browsing session.

Side note: Benefits of reopening tabs

A good number of benefits are there. It is a useful way to get back into track. If you want to revisit the pages, you can have it.

However, some of the key points are mentioned below.

  • Accessing lost page
  • Recovering important information
  • No data loss
  • Chronological tab opening

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reopen a window that I opened a month ago?

Well. There are certain issues. Now, you know how to reopen a closed window. Accordingly, you can do that too. But there are certain conditions. In this case, you must check that the browser history retains.

If you erase the browsing history, you may not have it.

What is the shortcut to reopen a closed tab?

The shortcut is pressing “Ctrl + Shift + T.” Pressing the keys together will restore the tab. Instantly.

Can I get back the same page information after tab reopening?

Of course. The page will be reopened as it was before. Thus, you need no panic about the data loss. All the information on the page will appear before you. On the screen.

Last words

Never worry about this particular matter. If you ever accidentally close a tab, follow the steps above. Hopefully, you will get back everything.