How to Set Up Setek Wifi Extender

1. Plug your Setek Wifi Extender into a wall outlet near your router.

2. On your device, connect to the extender’s network (the SSID will be on the bottom of the extender).

3. Open an internet browser and enter 192.168.254 in the address bar and hit enter or go; this will bring you to the login page for your Setek wifi extender setup page.

4. Log in with either admin as username and password, or leave it blank if no credentials were set up previously by pressing “Login” button after entering them correctly .

5. Once logged in, select setting from menu options at left side of screen then click Wireless Settings from next window which appear after clicking settings option .

6. Enter Network Name (SSID) & Password here that same as existing Wi-Fi router so they are compatible with each other and press save once all details are filled correctly .

7. Make sure that you have selected correct security type of existing Wi-Fi Router while creating new wireless settings else devices won’t connect automatically with wifi range extenders .

8. After saving settings , unplug power cable from Range Extender then re plug it again within 1 minute , wait until green light start blinking which indicate successful connection between WiFi Range Extenders & Existing Routers .

  • Connect the Setek Wi-Fi extender to a power source using its included power adapter
  • Press and hold down the reset button on the back of the extender for 10 seconds to initiate a factory reset
  • Launch your web browser and enter http://mywifiext into the address bar, then press Enter to access Netgear Genie setup wizard page (note: If this is not successful, you may need to check your network connection or use an alternate web browser)
  • When prompted, enter your existing wireless network name (SSID) and password in order to connect it with your router’s settings for some initial configuration information retrieval process by the Setek Extender Setup Page
  • Follow onscreen instructions provided by Netgear Genie setup wizard page until you are asked if you want “New Extender Setup” or “Existing Extender Setup”; choose either one depending upon whether this is first time installation or second time installation/reset process respectively
  • Proceed further as directed by Netgear Genie setup wizard page , configure basic settings such as SSID name & password etc then save changes made at end of configuration process 7
  • Finally disconnect Setek Wi-Fi extender from power source , wait few moments for device reboot & verify new extended wireless signal strength at desired spots around house/office premises

Setek Wifi Extender Setup | Wi-fi Setup

How Do I Setup My Wireless Wi-Fi Extender?

Setting up a wireless Wi-Fi extender is a straightforward process, but it does require some preparation.

First, you will need to find the best location for your extender in order to get maximum coverage and signal strength. Place the device within range of your existing router and make sure there are no obstacles between them that could weaken the signal such as walls or furniture.

Once you have found a good spot for your extender, connect it to an outlet using its power cord then press and hold its WPS button until it starts flashing.

Next, open your router’s settings page on any web browser by typing in its IP address into the URL bar at the top of the page.

Now look for either ‘Wi-Fi Extender’ or ‘Wireless Repeater’ under Wireless Settings then enter relevant details like SSID (network name) and password before clicking save.

Finally, reboot both devices in order to activate their connection and enjoy extended Wi-Fi coverage!

How Do I Reset My Setek Wi-Fi Extender?

Resetting your Setek Wi-Fi extender is a simple process. First, locate the reset button on the back or bottom of the device. Once you’ve found it, press and hold down this button for 10 seconds until all lights turn off.

This indicates that your extender has been successfully reset to its factory settings. You can then connect your devices to the newly reset network as if they were connecting to a router for the first time.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some Setek Wi-Fi Extenders require an Ethernet cable in order to be properly configured after being reset – so make sure you have one ready just in case!

How Does Setek Wi-Fi Extender Work?

Setek Wi-Fi extenders are devices that act as a bridge between your existing router and the device you’re trying to connect. They help extend the range of your wireless network, allowing you to access it from further away than would otherwise be possible.

The Setek Wi-Fi extender works by receiving the signal from your main WiFi router, amplifying it and then broadcasting it at a greater distance than what was previously possible.

The extended signal then allows users to access their home network even if they are far away from the original location of the router. This makes them especially useful for people who have large houses or live in rural areas where regular routers may not reach all corners of their property.

How Do I Sync My Wi-Fi Extender to My New Router?

Syncing your Wi-Fi extender to a new router is an easy process. First, you’ll need to place the extender within range of your existing wireless network. Then, make sure that both the router and the extender are powered on and connected to each other via Ethernet cable.

Next, open your web browser and type in the address for the setup page of your extender; this should be provided in its user manual or online documentation.

Follow any additional instructions provided by your device’s manufacturer before finally connecting it with your new router by inputting its SSID (network name) and password.

Once done, check if all devices connected to either one can access the internet properly – if not, try adjusting settings such as security mode or channel selection until they do so successfully!

Setek Wifi Extender Manual Pdf

If you are looking for a Setek Wifi Extender Manual PDF, look no further! The manual can be found on the manufacturer’s website, and will provide detailed instructions for setting up your extender.

It is important to read through the manual before attempting installation so that you understand how to correctly configure your device.

Additionally, this guide provides helpful troubleshooting tips in case of any issues during setup or operation.


Setting up your Setek wifi extender is a great way to boost the range of your home’s wireless network, allowing you better coverage and connection speed. With just a few steps and some basic knowledge, you can easily set up your Setek wifi extender in no time.

If you have any questions or need help with the setup process, be sure to consult the manual or reach out to customer support for assistance.

Whether you’re an experienced tech user or new to setting up electronics, setting up your Setek wifi extender will give you the extra coverage and performance that will make all the difference in enjoying a reliable wireless internet connection throughout your entire home.

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