How to Throw in Gang Beasts Xbox One

If you’re looking to have some hilarious fun with your friends on the Xbox One, then you need to check out Gang Beasts! This unique fighting game has wacky physics, outrageous environments, and plenty of opportunities for laughter. Here’s a guide on how to throw in Gang Beasts so that you can start pummeling your opponents!

  • Find a friend who also has Gang Beasts for Xbox One
  • Choose the “Play Online” option from the main menu
  • Select “Create Private Match” and invite your friend to join you
  • Once your friend has joined, select the stage that you want to play on together
  • When the match begins, each player will be assigned their own color so you can easily tell each other apart
  • The goal of Gang Beasts is to knock your opponents off of the stage, so start throwing punches and trying to push them around! 7
  • If you get knocked off of the stage yourself, don’t worry – you can still try to grab onto ledges and pull yourself back up

How to Power Throw in Gang Beasts

One of the most powerful throws in Gang Beasts is the Power Throw. To perform a Power Throw, you must first charge up your power meter by holding down the throw button. Once your power meter is full, you can release the throw button to unleash a powerful throw that can send your opponents flying.

To make sure that you hit your target with a Power Throw, it is important to aim carefully before you release the button. You can also use this move to knock down multiple opponents at once if they are grouped together.

How to Throw in Gang Beasts Xbox One


How Do You Throw Things in Gang Beasts Xbox?

If you want to throw something in Gang Beasts on Xbox, you need to press and hold the LT button. This will bring up a targeting reticule. You can then use the left joystick to aim where you want to throw the object.

To actually throw it, you need to release the LT button.

What are the Controls for Gang Beasts on Xbox One?

There are a few different control options for Gang Beasts on Xbox One. The first is the standard controller layout, which has the left joystick controlling movement and the right joystick controlling punches and kicks. The face buttons are used for grabbing and throwing, while the shoulder buttons are used for special moves.

The second control option is the “twin-stick” layout, which has one joystick controlling movement and the other joystick controlling punches and kicks. This can be tough to get used to, but some people prefer it because it frees up the face buttons for other actions. The third control option is motion controls, which use the Kinect sensor to track your body movements.

This can be fun to mess around with, but it’s not very precise and isn’t recommended for serious play. Ultimately, it’s up to youWhich of these three options you prefer. experiment with all of them and see what feels right for you.

How Do You Throw in Gang Beast on Console?

If you want to throw in gang beast on console, you’ll need to first open up the game’s file explorer. To do this, press the “Start” button on your controller and then navigate to the “File Explorer” tab. Once you’re in the File Explorer, go to the “Local Disk (C:)” drive and then open up the “Gang Beasts” folder.

In this folder, you’ll find a file called “throwing.txt.” Open this file with a text editor like Microsoft Word or Notepad++. In the throwing.txt file, you’ll see a line of code that looks like this: player1_throw = 1; .

This line of code tells the game what button you need to press in order to throw an opponent. The number after the equals sign corresponds to a specific button on your controller. For example, if it says player1_throw = 1; , that means you need to press the “A” button on your Xbox One controller (or whatever controller you’re using).

Once you’ve edited the throwing.txt file and saved it, go back into Gang Beasts and try pressing the button that corresponds to throwing an opponent. If done correctly, your character should pick up and throw their opponent!

Complete Throwing Guide | Gang Beasts Tutorial


Looking to add a little more chaos to your Gang Beasts Xbox One gaming sessions? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s how to throw punches, objects, and other players in Gang Beasts for Xbox One.

To throw a punch in Gang Beasts for Xbox One, simply press and hold the left trigger button. You can also grab and throw objects by pressing and holding the right trigger button. To grab another player, approach them from behind and press and hold both triggers simultaneously.

And that’s all there is to throwing punches and grabbing/throwing objects and players in Gang Beasts for Xbox One!