How to Transfer Files From One User to Another Windows 10 – Simple Hacks

Windows is the operating system that has been running for ages. The operating system is user-friendly. It comes with a number of features. But do you know how to transfer files from one user to another windows 10?

In most cases, the newbies are unable to answer it. They, in fact, are unaware of how to transfer the files. Also, it happens with the experts as well. Without the knowledge, they cannot shift the files.

But windows feature allows to share files and folders between users. It is easily possible to share files and necessary data. You simply need to know.

In this post, you will get a comprehensive idea. Let’s check them.

Administrator account

The first thing you need is an administrator account. If you have an account, you can easily transfer files.

Using the account, you can copy and paste the file into your user account. Or you can also use the cut and paste method.

However, you will need to have access to the administrator account. If you do not have access, ask to have it. Without access, it is not possible to transfer the files to your destined account.

Where can I have the files?

Generally, the files are stored in Public Folder.

Getting confused? Well, Public Folder is a folder on your computer. Every computer has a destination. It is located inside C:\. There, you have to check the Users folder. And you will have the folder inside the Users folder.

In this location, you can save, move, create or delete files. This Public Folder is accessible to every user of the computer.

Hence, if you use the folder for this purpose, any user can get access it here.

If you want to transfer or share files, you can save the documents in this folder. The next user will be able to access the file. They also can share the files too, if necessary.

The process

The process is simple. You need to access your computer’s Control Panel.

You can find it on the Search Box located below on the left side of your screen. Also, you can get it by pressing “Windows Key” and “X” together. Select the Control Panel from there.

Next, go to System and Security. And then, select “System.”

The next step is to click on the “Advanced System Settings.”

You will get several options. Select the “User Profiles.”

And then select the right profile you want to copy.

After selecting the profile, click on the right button of your mouse. Now, click on “Copy.”

It will copy the profile. You can also rename the profile. While renaming, you may get a warning for permission. Click “Permitted to Use.” Now, click “OK.”

Benefits of how to transfer files from one user to another windows 10

So, you now know how to transfer files from one user to another windows 10. It is necessary to know the facts. Because there are some prime benefits.

For instance, you need to get an important file. But you cannot have that as you lack the administrator feature. But if the file(s) is shared, you can get them easily. Effortlessly.

Moreover, it is a time-saving process. If you get the files in a certain place, you need not look for it anywhere. Thus, it saves your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I use Windows 8. Can I share the files?

Ans: Certainly, you can. Windows is an operating system where the features are almost the same. The users can share their files among them. But you need to know the ways of sharing. Check the description above, and you will have your answer.

Q: Can I recover files in this way?

Well. You may not recover all the information. That is another issue and we will discuss it later.

Q: What is an administrator account?

An administrator account is in the charge of a computer. The account allows you to make necessary changes to the computer. Even if you need to install any software, you may need permission from the administrator. The account safeguards your computer.

So, this was all on how to transfer files from one user to another windows 10. Shall come back with any other topic, shortly.


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