How to Turn off Chromecast – Quick Hack You Must Check

How to Turn off Chromecast – Quick Hack You Must Check:

Panicked as you can’t turn off your chromecast?

Well. The same happens with most people. They do not know how to turn off chromecast. This is, in fact, a common issue for everyone.

Interestingly, you cannot turn off a chromecast.

The device has been prepared to be used as always-on device. So, there is no option to shut it down. Even, you will find no “ON” or “OFF” switch in a chromecast.

So, what to do?

Not to worry. Every problem in this planet has a solution. You need to identify that. And this post brings you the solution. Let’s discover it below.

What is a chromecast?

I guess, you have checked the former article on chromecast. If not, the brief below is for you.

Chromecast is a device from Google. This is a system. A system to stream contents from your mobile to television. On computer. Or on a large screen.

You need to connect it through the HDMI port of your television. After the setting, it streams various contents from different platforms. Once you connect it to your home network, you have sole control over it.

Using your smartphone, you can control it. From anywhere.

Developed first in 2013, the device has been upgraded twice. Now, it is faster and provides a smooth experience.

What you need to operate it?

You will need a couple of things for a chromecast operation. Your television should have an HDMI input port. Otherwise, you cannot connect it. Besides, there should be a separate power source.

At the same time, you must have a smartphone. The phone should be compatible with the device. Or, you may have many more issues to handle.

Another issue. Your computer and the device should be connected using the same Wi-Fi connection. If the connections are different, you have to fix it. If the internet connections are different, the chromecast will not work.

How to Turn off Chromecast?

How to Turn off Chromecast

Here comes the point. Turning off a chromecast has several ways. But not all of them might appear suitable. So, please follow the option below.

Power disconnection

It may sound weird. But disconnecting the power will shut the device down. And most cases, this is the effective approach.

A chromecast has a power port. You need to plug in a power socket into it. And the power runs the device. So, when you are removing the power socket, it will turn off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is unplugging chromecast harmful for the device?

No, this is not harmful. As there are no other options to turn it off, you are unplugging it. But not to worry. There would be no internal damage if you unplug it.

How long it takes to turn off the device?

Instantly! Yes, the chromecast will shut down instantly. As there would be no power supply, it cannot operate. You know, the chromecast needs electricity for operation. But when you are closing down the power, it does not functions. It shuts down immediately.

Can I disable network notifications on chromecast?

Of course, you can do that. And this is the process to bar interference from other home users. You can disable the notification on chromecast. It will help to enjoy a smooth screening of your content.

If using Chrome doesn’t work, then open your Google Home app on your mobile device, as it has full control over every Chromecast device in the house. Tap the Chromecast device you want to stop, then, on the device screen, select Stop casting at the bottom.

So, this was all for today on how to turn off chromecast. Hopefully, you can do it yourself now onwards.