How to Turn off Location on iPhone – 3 Steps Away

How to Turn off Location on iPhone –  3 Steps Away:

So, you’re an iPhone user and want to know how to turn off location on Iphone, right?

Well. iPhone is a smartphone. And one of the best ones of the age. The device has grabbed the attention of people for its special specifications. It has outstanding features, flexibilities. And of course, iPhone is famous for the size and shape.

Further, it comes with varieties of applications, games and more.

Amid numbers of features, location service is one of the supreme features. If you enable the service, you may get several benefits. But if you feel not to have the service, you can turn it off too.

Turn off Location on iPhone

In this post, you will get a detailed idea on how to turn off location on Iphone. Let’s explore it. And apply the knowledge in real-life.

What is A Location Service?

Before moving into the core, it is necessary to know the location service.

A location service is a type of GPS. It shows your exact location. But you need to enable service from your device. And in iPhones, this is a prime feature. Anyone can easily enable the service. It, in fact, takes a few taps to enable it.

Benefits of Location Service:

There are numbers of benefits available of this feature. The most notable ones include

  • Security
  • Real-time location
  • Easy traveling
  • Connectivity with near and dear ones
  • Easy emergency handling
  • Knowing traffic patterns of a place
  • Personalized data and information
  • Logging your movements

How to Turn off Location on iPhone?

This is a simple process. If you know the know-how, you can easily turn location service off.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Unlock your iPhone. Go to Settings.

Step 2

Find the “Privacy” option.

Step 3

The first option is Location Service. Tap on it to turn it off.

It’s done!!

Hopefully, you have got the idea to turn location off. But make sure the service is turned on, before you off it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How location service can help in emergencies?

Well. When your location service is on, your smart device shares the location. Your family and friends can know about your real-time location using the phone. For instance, if you are in any emergency, they can track you back.

But if the location service is not enabled, they cannot track you. Or, you cannot send any rescue message to them.

Can I use location service while using any app?

Of course. There is a such provision. You can use the location while using any app. If you do not want to use the entire service, that is okay too.

Usually, iPhone allows you to permit some of your apps. The apps can use the service when you want them to use. Otherwise, they will not use the service.

How location service works?

Generally, a location service uses GPS or global positioning system. Using the GPS, your location is pin-pointed. So, no matter wherever you go. You can be tracked.

However, to some places, your approximate location will be shown. It may happen if the GPS service is not available in your existing location. Or if you are out of the GPS coverage area.

So, this was all about how to turn off location on Iphone. You also have some bonus information for your next use.

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