How to Uninstall Roblox Windows 10?

To uninstall Roblox on Windows 10, first, open the Start Menu and type “Control Panel”. Open the Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program from the Programs list. Scroll down to find Roblox in the list of programs and click or tap it.

Then click Uninstall at the top of the window that appears to begin uninstalling Roblox from your computer. Follow any additional prompts as they appear until you are returned to a control panel where you can then close out of it. This will complete your uninstallation process for Roblox on Windows 10!

  • Open the Windows Start menu and select Settings from the list of options
  • Select Apps from the list of settings available on the left-hand side panel
  • Find Roblox in the list of installed apps, right-click it, and select Uninstall to begin uninstalling Roblox from your device
  • Follow any additional instructions presented by Windows 10’s uninstallation wizard that may appear during this process such as clicking “Yes” or “Next” until you reach a confirmation window informing you that Roblox has been successfully removed from your PC
  • Click “Close” to finish uninstalling Roblox from your computer running Windows 10 OS

How Do I Reinstall Roblox on Windows 10?

Reinstalling Roblox on Windows 10 is quite simple.

First, you’ll need to uninstall the existing version of your system. To do this, go to the Start menu, open up Control Panel, and select “Uninstall a program” under Programs.

Find Roblox in the list of installed programs and click Uninstall/Change at the top of the window. Once uninstalled, head over to and download the latest installer for Windows 10 that’s listed there (either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your system).

Then just run through all of the prompts until it’s finished installing – make sure you check any additional boxes asking if you’d like to install extra content as well!

After it’s complete, simply launch Roblox by clicking its icon in your Start Menu or Desktop shortcut; everything should be ready to go without further setup required!

How Do I Uninstall Roblox Desktop App?

Uninstalling the Roblox desktop application is a relatively simple process. First, you’ll need to open up your “Control Panel” by typing it into the Windows search bar. Once you have opened the Control Panel window, select “Programs and Features”.

This will bring up a list of all programs installed on your computer. Scroll down until you find Roblox and click on it once to highlight it. Then press the Uninstall/Change button near the top of the window.

The uninstallation process should start automatically; simply follow any prompts that appear in order to complete it successfully. Once finished, Roblox will no longer be installed on your device! If for some reason this does not work or if you have trouble with this method, try searching online for more detailed instructions specific to your system type (e.g., Windows 7 vs 10).

Does Uninstalling Roblox Delete Everything?

No, uninstalling Roblox does not delete everything. Uninstalling the game will remove it from your device but all of your user data and any in-game purchases you have made are still stored on Roblox’s servers. This means that if you reinstall the game at a later date, all of your progress will be restored and you can pick up exactly where you left off without having to start from scratch.

Additionally, as long as you remember your account details (username/password) then none of this information will be lost either.

Why I Can T Uninstall Roblox?

Uninstalling Roblox can be difficult because of the technical complexities involved in the process. It is a highly sophisticated game that requires extensive integration with other software applications and services, which makes it more complicated to uninstall than simpler programs.

In addition to this, some users may encounter difficulty when uninstalling because their device does not meet the minimum system requirements for playing Roblox.

This means that if your computer or mobile device does not have enough RAM, storage space or an up-to-date graphics card, you may experience difficulties while attempting to uninstall.

Furthermore, certain anti-virus software packages and Windows security settings can also interfere with an attempted uninstallation as well as third party applications that are linked with Roblox such as Steam or Xbox Live.

Finally, many users find themselves unable to completely remove all components of Roblox from their devices due to conflicts between different versions of the program installed on their systems; older versions often do not get removed correctly which leaves residual files behind causing interference with any subsequent installations or updates made by the user.

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Can’T Uninstall Roblox Windows 10

If you are attempting to uninstall Roblox from a Windows 10 computer, the process is quite simple. To begin, open the Start menu and type “Add or remove programs” into the search bar. Then select the result named “Add or remove programs” which will bring up a list of all installed software on your machine.

Locate Roblox in this list and click on it; then hit Uninstall to complete the process. It may take some time for Roblox to be completely removed from your system, but once it is gone you should no longer have any trouble with uninstalling it again!


Overall, uninstalling Roblox Windows 10 is an easy process, as long as you follow the steps listed in this blog post. From using the Settings app to removing its traces from your system drive, uninstalling Roblox will free up space on your hard drive and help keep your computer running smoothly. With these simple steps, anyone can uninstall Roblox Windows 10 with ease!

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