How to Unistall Apps on Samsung Tv?

To uninstall apps from your Samsung TV, press the Home button on the remote control and select “Apps”. Then select the app you want to remove and press the Tools button on the remote. Select Uninstall and then confirm that you want to delete it by selecting Yes.

The application will be removed from your device but data related to it may still remain in other parts of your system so make sure to clear out any leftover files or folders before uninstalling an app completely. After completing these steps, restart your Samsung TV for the changes to take effect.

  • Navigate to the Smart Hub menu on your Samsung TV
  • This can be done by pressing the “Smart Hub” button on your Samsung remote control
  • Select “My Apps” from the main Smart Hub menu, then use the navigation arrows to select and highlight the app you want to uninstall from your Samsung TV
  • Press and hold down both the Enter/OK button and Back/Return button for at least three seconds until a new small window pops up in which you will see all of your apps with checkboxes next to them along with an Uninstall option at bottom right corner of this window
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  • Check off all of the apps that you wish to remove from your TV by clicking on each individual icon or box associated with it, then click Uninstall when finished selecting desired applications and they will begin uninstalling immediately after confirmation is given through another pop-up message informing you that it is safe to do so without any further action required on part of user’s end such as signing out etcetera

How Do I Uninstall an App on My Samsung Smart Tv?

If you’re trying to uninstall an app from your Samsung Smart TV, the process is actually quite simple. First, locate and press the ‘Smart Hub’ button on your remote control. This will take you to a screen where all of your apps are listed in rows – simply scroll until you find the one that you want to remove.

Once it’s identified, use the arrow buttons on your remote control to highlight it, then hit the down arrow button once more so that the ‘Uninstall’ option is highlighted.

Press OK or Enter at this point and follow any prompts which appear; these should guide you through uninstalling the application with ease. Finally, press Home or Return on your remote control once finished and enjoy having a bit of extra space back on your TV!

How Do I Uninstall And Reinstall an App on My Samsung Smart Tv?

Uninstalling and reinstalling apps on your Samsung Smart TV is easy and straightforward. First, head over to the Apps section of your device by pressing the Home button on your remote control then selecting Apps from the main menu or icon bar at the top of your screen.

Find the app you want to uninstall in this list, then press down on it with your arrow buttons until a submenu appears.

Select Uninstall from this submenu and confirm that you wish to proceed when prompted with a Yes/No dialog box. Once uninstalled, visit whichever app store is associated with your device (such as Samsung’s App Store) and locate the app again, selecting Download or Install once found.

Some apps may require additional permissions for installation; if so, agree to these terms before proceeding further.

Once complete, return to Your Apps section of your television where you should now find an updated version ready for use!

How Do I Uninstall an App on My Samsung?

If you are looking to uninstall an app on your Samsung device, the steps are quite simple. First, head over to your settings menu by tapping on the gear icon in the notification tray or through the apps section of your home screen. Once there, scroll down and select ‘Apps’ from within settings.

You should now be presented with a list of applications installed on your device; simply find the application you would like to uninstall and tap it once to open its information page.

From here, hit Uninstall at the top of this page and confirm that you do indeed wish to remove this app from your device. Your Samsung will then begin uninstalling this application immediately – usually taking just a few seconds depending upon how large it is – before presenting you with a confirmation message once complete.

And that’s all there is to it! Uninstalling an app on any Samsung smartphone or tablet really is as easy as can be so if ever in need of freeing up memory or removing unwanted programs from our devices, we’ve always got this option available for us!

Why Can’t You Delete Some Apps on Samsung Tv?

Deleting apps on Samsung TVs may seem like an easy task, but it’s actually quite complicated. The reason why you can’t delete some apps is that they are built into the operating system and cannot be uninstalled or removed.

This means that the only way to get rid of them would be to completely reset your television, which could lead to further issues such as losing saved settings or other data.

Additionally, deleting a pre-installed app from your TV will not save any storage space since most of these apps are very small in size. So if you want to free up some memory for other purposes, you should look into using external storage devices such as USB drives instead of trying to remove unwanted apps from your TV.

Can’t Delete Apps on Samsung Smart Tv

If you’re trying to delete an app from your Samsung Smart TV, unfortunately, you can’t. The Samsung Smart TV platform is based on apps that are installed and updated via the Samsung App Store, with no option for users to manually uninstall them.

However, if there’s an app that you would like to remove but can’t find in the App Store, it may be possible to disable or uninstall it through the Settings menu of your Samsung Smart TV.


In conclusion, uninstalling an app on Samsung TV is a straightforward process requiring only a few steps. To uninstall the app, navigate to the Apps menu and select Uninstall from the Options list. Confirm that you would like to uninstall the app and it will be removed from your TV.

With this knowledge of how to uninstall apps on Samsung Tv, managing what content is available on your device can become much easier.