How to Use 5Ghz Wifi on Android

To use 5GHz WiFi on an Android device, first make sure that your phone is compatible with the frequency. If it supports dual-band WiFi, then you should be able to connect to a 5GHz network. To set up the connection, open your device’s settings and tap “WiFi” or “Network & Internet.”

On some devices you may need to select “Advanced Settings” before seeing the option for connecting to a specific band. Select your desired network from the list of available networks, which will display a 2G/5G indicator if both bands are present. Finally, enter any passwords or security keys required and wait for your device to connect to the network.

  • Check Device Compatibility: Not all Android devices are capable of using 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • To check if your device is compatible, go to Settings > About Phone and look for an “802
  • 11ac” or similar listing in the Network section
  • If you don’t see it, then your device cannot connect to a 5 GHz network
  • Enable 5GHz Support: Once you know that your device can use 5GHz Wi-Fi, you’ll need to enable support for it in the settings menu
  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select Advanced at the bottom of the page (this may be labeled differently on different Android versions)
  • Here look for a setting named something like “Frequency Band” and set it from 2
  • 4GHz only to either Auto or 5GHz Only mode depending on what options are available here
  • Connecting To A Network: With this enabled, you should now be able to find and connect to any nearby networks broadcasting on the 5GHz band (look out for names containing “5G”, “5Ghz”)
  • Select one of these networks just as you would with any other network connection – enter its password if required and wait until connected successfully
  • 4 Test The Connection Speed : After connecting successfully , test out how well this new connection works by running some speed tests online such as Ookla’s Speedtest app , which will measure both download speeds as well as latency/ping times between your phone/tablet and a remote server
  • This can give an indication about how much faster (or slower) than usual this new connection might be compared with previous connections when using 2 4GHZ bands

How To Set Android Wi-Fi Setting from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz

How Do I Enable 5Ghz on My Android?

In order to enable 5GHz on your Android device, you first need to make sure that the hardware of your device supports it. If so, you can go into your Wi-Fi settings and look for a toggle or an option to switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. You may also find this setting in the Advanced section of your device’s Wi-Fi settings menu.

Once enabled, your Android should automatically connect to any available 5GHz network when in range. Note that not all routers support both frequencies and some only broadcast one or the other, so if you have trouble connecting it may be because there is no compatible 5GHz signal available nearby.

How Do I Connect to 5Ghz Wifi Instead of 2.4 Android?

To connect to a 5GHz WiFi network on an Android device, you first need to make sure that the router supports it. If your router does indeed support this frequency, then go into your settings menu and locate the “WiFi” option. Tap on it, and if available, select the 5GHz network from the list of available networks.

Enter any required credentials or passwords necessary for authentication and you should be connected! If your router only broadcasts 2.4GHz signals, then unfortunately you won’t be able to take advantage of faster connection speeds offered by 5GHz bands.

Does My Android Phone Support 5Ghz Wifi?

The answer to this question depends on the exact model and version of your Android phone. Generally, most modern Android phones released within the past few years will support 5GHz WiFi. If you’re not sure if your particular device supports it, you can check in Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi (or a similar menu depending on your device).

When scanning for available networks, any that are labeled as “5GHz” should be compatible with your phone. Keep in mind that some older devices may only support 2.4GHz networks, so double-check the specifications before assuming compatibility.

How Do I Connect My Android to 5.0 Ghz Wifi?

Connecting your Android device to a 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi network is relatively simple and straightforward. First, you will need to make sure that the router broadcasting the 5.0GHz signal also has a compatible 2.4GHz frequency band for compatibility with your Android device; most modern routers have both frequencies available by default. Once you have verified this, go into the settings on your Android phone or tablet and select “Wi-Fi” from the list of options in order to display all available networks within range; then, choose the “5 GHz” network from the list of results displayed onscreen and enter any necessary credentials (this may include a password) if required by the particular router being used.

Finally, press “connect” and wait for a few moments while your Android device connects to the new 5GHz Wi-Fi network – once it’s connected successfully, you should be ready to enjoy faster speeds than before!

How to Force 5Ghz Wifi Android 12

If you have a device running Android 12 and want to take advantage of the faster speeds that 5GHz WiFi can provide, it’s easy to do. To force your device to use the 5GHz band on an Android 12 device, go into Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and select your desired network from the list. Once selected, tap on Advanced at the top right corner and then toggle “Force 5GHz” under Band selection.

This will ensure that all future connections are made using this frequency range instead of 2.4 GHz which is normally used by most devices for basic wireless connection needs.


In conclusion, using 5GHz WiFi on Android is an easy process that can help improve network connection speeds and reduce interference from other devices. With the right router and settings, users can enjoy a faster, more reliable internet experience with their Android device. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, anyone can take advantage of the benefits provided by 5GHz technology.

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