How to Use Xp Card in Call of Duty Mobile?

In order to use your Xp Card in Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll first need to redeem it. To do so, simply open the in-game store and select the “Redeem” option. From there, you’ll be able to input your code and receive the corresponding amount of XP that will be added to your account.

Once you’ve done that, you can then use that XP to level up your characters or purchase items from the store.

How to use WEAPON XP CARDS in call of duty mobile

  • Download Call of Duty Mobile from the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Create an account and login
  • Tap on the “Store” icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen
  • Select the “Xp Card” option from the list of available items
  • Tap on the “Use” button to add the Xp Card to your account

How to Get Double Xp Card in Cod Mobile

It’s no secret that the Call of Duty: Mobile community is always on the lookout for ways to get more XP. While there are a number of methods to do this, one of the most popular is using a Double XP card. So, how do you get your hands on a Double XP card in CoD Mobile?

Here’s what you need to know. There are a few different ways that you can get Double XP cards in CoD Mobile. The first is by completing Public Events.

These events take place every so often and usually last for around 24 hours. To participate, simply open up the game and look for the Public Event icon on the main screen. Once you find it, tap on it and join in on the fun!

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to complete the event and earn yourself a sweet reward, which could very well be a Double XP card. Even if you don’t win one outright, though, participating in these events is still a great way to level up your account quickly. Another method of obtaining Double XP cards is through Season Passes.

If you’re not familiar with these, they’re essentially like Battle Passes in other games where you pay a certain amount of money upfront and then receive rewards as you progress through each season. In addition to earning experience points (XP) at an accelerated rate, some Season Passes also come with bonus items likeDouble XP cards that can really help boost your level even further.

How to Use Xp Card in Call of Duty Mobile?


-How Do I Use My Xp Card in Call of Duty Mobile

If you’re looking to use your XP Card in Call of Duty: Mobile, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, the XP Card can only be used once per account – so choose wisely where you spend it! Secondly, the card can be used to purchase weapon upgrades, character upgrades and unlocks, and COD Points.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that: 1. Open up Call of Duty: Mobile and head into the Store. 2. In the top right corner of the screen, tap on the icon that looks like a credit card.

This will bring up the ‘Use XP Card’ page. 3. On this page, you’ll see all of the available options for spending your XP Card – choose wisely! 4. Once you’ve decided what you want to spend your XP on, simply tap on the relevant option and hit ‘Confirm’.

Your purchase will then be processed and you’ll receive your goodies shortly afterwards!


If you’re a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, you’re probably wondering how to use the XP card in Call of Duty Mobile. Here’s a quick guide on what the XP card does and how to use it. The XP card is a new addition to Call of Duty Mobile that allows players to earn extra experience points (XP) by completing certain tasks.

The tasks vary from day to day, but they usually involve things like playing a certain number of matches, winning a match, or getting a certain number of kills. To view the current tasks and claim your rewards, simply open up the game and head to the “Events” tab. From there, you’ll see all of the available tasks for the day.

Complete them and then claim your rewards by tapping on the “Claim” button. It’s that easy! So if you’re looking for a way to level up faster in Call of Duty Mobile, be sure to check out the XP card system.

With it, you can easily rack up some extra XP which will help you unlock new weapons and gear much faster than usual.